The Pittsburgh Pirates lose their starting Center Fielder for 80 games.

The hopes were very high for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Central division this season. The Chicago Cubs are off to a slow start and the door was opened for a team in that division to step up their game. The team to be answering that call were the Pirates. Even after a shaky Spring Training and rumors, the Pirates seem to work their roster issues out. The team moved their starting Center Fielder, Andrew McCutchen to Right Field to make way for their new fielder and speedster Starling Marte. Marte has both speed and power and he is a player you can build a team around. Then came the news that Starling tested positive during Performance Enhancing Drugs.

It is unclear what the Pirates will do with their lineup now. The natural reaction is just move McCutchen back to Central Field and bring up some promising young talent in the minor league and just wait out the suspension. Things are rarely that cut and dry in baseball especially when you are talking about PEDs. The Pirates still must compete in their division but this issue is more than just a temporary black eye to the organization. Now teams and MLB players are demanding more investigations. Chicago Cubs player Anthony Rizzo seems to be taking the issue to center stage. However before players and coaches start pointing fingers, maybe they should worry about things they can control. Having other issues to focus on maybe temporarily take focus off of you personally but in the end let the process work itself out.

Major League Baseball is taking the issue of PEDs very seriously. Failing drug test is no longer a slap on the wrist suspensions. 80 games is typical for repeat offenders and if other tests find players still using PEDs year long suspension are coming down and possible banishment from MLB. The use of steroids in the 1990s almost destroyed the credibility of baseball and new pitching and hitting records are tarnished. Barry Bonds all time homeruns records is just one of the records in question. Bud Selig was a fine commissioner of baseball, but he did very little about the baseball players starts suddenly becoming so massive and strong. This is a new era for baseball teams and the fans of the game. I’m not going to say the Pittsburgh Pirates had any knowledge of Starling Marte’s drug use, but I can’t say I was totally shocked why they weren’t upset about trading away McCutchen either. Professional athletes should be hold accountable for their actions. The game of baseball will continue but the new guidelines and tests is what the players and fans demanded. 


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