The Nationals hand the Braves a horrible loss with a 14-4 beat down.

Some games are easier to write about than others. Looking for positives in last night’s game from a Braves perspective is difficult. There were a few positive things to take away last night, but this is no way to sugarcoat a baseball beat down that was over before it even got out of the first inning. Julio Teheran is the ace of the starting pitchers in the Braves lineup but you wouldn’t have known that from last night’s pitching performance. Never forget the Washington Nationals have always hit well against Teheran. Bryce Harper first inning homerun cemented that theory.

Freddie Freeman did set a new Braves record last night that was not overlooked despite the score of the game. Freeman has reached base in 12 consecutive plate appearances. He put that record in the books with a towering homerun in the bottom of the 3rd inning. It may seem as if Freeman is the only reason to be excited if you are a Braves fan. That is not the case at all. 

Ender Inciatre is proving to be a great lead off hitter with both power and speed. Inciatre is our dynamic Center Fielder who tracks down potential base hits with his speed. He also has a cannon for a throwing arm. Third base coaches for the opponents team know this all to well. Nick Markakis has also proven he can handle being a clean up hitter in Matt Kemp’s absence.

If you are looking for reasons to give up on the Braves, the last 2 games gives you plenty of evidence. Looking for excuses and trying to show how smart you are as a baseball expert is annoying. Since I am not Willy Wonka I will not sugarcoat things. The Nationals are not only good but they are very good  if you are looking for reasons to get excited for the Braves Matt Kemp did play in AAA Gwinnett and it is possible he could be in tonight’s lineup. Also Bartolo Colon is pitching tonight and that’s a good thing. Jayson Werth was pulled from last night’s game with a hamstring injury. This the same injury that has kept Matt Kemp out of the lineup. Let’s not sell the farm just yet. The Braves are playing arguably the best team in the National League and they are doing it without their full lineup..GO BRAVES!!!!!


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