The Braves win back to back in New York.

While watching the Atlanta Braves game yesterday, the television announcers kept going on about the Braves sweeping the Mets. Although that might be technically true, in reality they only won 2 games. I’m not trying to blemish the Braves trip to New York, they showed the offense that had been during their losing streak. The National League East had better get ready for the 2017 Braves, things are starting to click.

While a lot of sports fans were occupied with the NFL Draft last evening, watching the replay of the Braves game was more interesting. One position that shined in New York was the catchers. Michael Flowers and Kurt Suzuki put on a hitting clinic. Last night Kurt Suzuki hit his first homerun since August of 2016. Suzuki had a smashing 3 run homer. Wednesday night Michael Flowers had a productive night at the plate as well. It’s nice watching the Braves catchers playing well in a position that was supposed to be the Achilles heel for the Braves.

Freddie Freeman loves playing against the Mets and his success continued in this short series. RA Dickey dominated his former team on the pitching mound. The Braves bullpen is showing that turning the game over to them is a good thing. The Braves closer Jim Johnson did allow 2 runs to score in the 9th inning, but the Braves had a 4 run lead by then. The Milwaukee Brewers are next on the road trip. Playing outside the National League East will be a great thing for the Braves. Testing how good the Braves really are outside their division will be key if or rather when the Braves prepare for post season play. Call me optimistic but it’s better than not believing in my Braves. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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