The Braves fall to the Mets in Atlanta.

This was not the homecoming the Atlanta Braves were looking for. After coming off series wins against the New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers the Braves had high hopes for playing at their new stadium SunTrust Park. The Mets received some bad news yesterday and lost one of their pitching aces Noah Syndergrad who has a shoulder injury and he was placed on the disabled list indefinitely. This is bad for the Mets and baseball. Syndergrad was a colorful character in baseball with his long flowing blonde hair and earned the nickname Thor.

Julio Teheran can not seem to find his grove early in 2017. At times he pitches like the dominating pitcher he can be, and at other times he is allowing opposing teams to hit everything he throws. Last night the Mets were teeing off on Teheran who allowed 6 runs in only 4 innings. The Braves would rally for 5 runs, but it wasn’t nearly enough. The very hot hitting and fielding Ender Inciatre had a lead off homerun. To top off his performance at the plate, Inciatre chased down a fly ball to right center field that had a for sure double written all over it. Ender Inciatre is not a tall and lanky man, but he gets a great jump on the ball coming off the bat and his speed and athleticism is what makes watching him exciting. Being only 5’7″ tall growing up people often mistook my lack of height as not being much of an athlete, but like Inciatre I was surprisingly fast for my height.

The Braves will regroup and return to their winning ways. Brian Snitker has his team playing together and will not allow things to fall apart in Atlanta. Snitker has complete confidence in his players and that was evident last night as he left Julio Teheran in the game with the bases loaded. The vote of confidence is evidence of a manager’s belief in his pitching ace. I was hoping for a new pitcher as soon as possible, but I’m an armchair fan who enjoys making emotional calls. Maybe I need to stick to writing. The Braves look to rebound against the Mets tonight and continue to try and get back to a.500 record. The National League East is currently being dominated by the Washington Nationals and if the Braves want to stand their ground, they need to win division series. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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