The Braves get a huge win in Atlanta and even the series with the Mets.

The Braves rallied early and the hits kept on coming. Last night’s game started off with a bit of disappointment. R.A. Dickey allowed 2 runs to to score in the top of the first inning. The Braves seem to fall behind early in games lately, but the Braves answered back in the bottom of the inning. Freddie Freeman crushed a 2 run homer that calmed my nerves. Why the New York Mets continue to challenge Freeman at the plate is beyond my comprehension. 

Before the game even started the pre-game on Fox Sports did a piece on Ender Inciatre that was very entertaining. Maybe the Braves are just used to having dynamic players in center field, but Inciatre is much more. Hearing his back story was extremely interesting and hearing about how he grew up watching Andruw Jones running down fly balls with the Braves, it was a bit ironic that one day Inciatre would one day lead the Braves outfield as well. Ender Inciatre came over from the Arizona Diamondbacks almost as a give me type of trade involving Dansby Swanson. Swanson is struggling at the plate so far in 2017 but Inciatre is leading the way.

Last night’s game had great defensive plays for both the Braves and the Mets. Brandon Phillips robbed a base hit away from the Mets with a leaping catch at 2nd base. Braves fans might not remember that Phillips is also a former gold glove winner. Nick Markakis also robbed the Mets of what was sure to be a base clearing hit as he dove for and caught a sinking fly ball hit to right field. Great defense is often overlooked as a lot of baseball fans are only interested in offensive numbers and output.

The Braves are starting to click (lack of a better term.) They have won 5 of their last 7 games and have 11 wins and only 14 loses. This might not be a mind blowing record especially in the National League East, but let’s not forget last season when the Braves went from bad to worse. Losing 9 straight games was extremely depressing and although there have been losing streaks and close games the Braves have lost, Braves baseball is fun again. Freddie Freeman, Ender Inciatre, Matt Kemp, and Nick Markakis are fun to watch and when the Braves find a consistent number 2 batter in their lineup, watch out. The Braves starting pitching rotation is getting rocked lately, but the Braves offense is keeping the Braves in the game. Tonight former Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon will face his former ball club and hopefully the Braves bats will continue their hot streak. Get ready for fireworks in Atlanta, even though it’s not quite Friday night. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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