The Braves starting pitchers aren’t very good.

I’m not an expert, but even the most casual fan will start having doubts. Honestly looking at the Braves roster, their starting pitching staff looked solid. With big league names like Julio Teheran, R.A. Dickey, Bartolo Colon, and Jamie Garcia the blend of experience and young arms looked promising. Maybe the Braves youngest starting pitcher Mike Foltynewicz could benefit from all that experience in the Braves bullpen. If last night was a preview of how Foltynewicz is coming along Braves manager Brian Snitker might be worried. 

Normally watching Jeopardy every night makes me feel smarter. Even though I miss more questions than I get right I learn something. Watching the first couple of innings during commercial breaks, it’s hard to see the Braves losing early. Sure it’s only one or two runs, but constantly playing from behind isn’t fun to the Braves fans or players. Watching the game and seeing so many empty seats even for Friday night fireworks just proves the fans don’t want to pay to see a sub-par baseball team. The Braves have a good lineup and it is way to early to throw in the towel for the season but the Braves pitching coach has a lot of work ahead of him.

The Braves relievers are just as painful to watch. One of the Braves up and coming young arms Matt Wisler was called up from AAA Gwinnett and sent back down a couple of weeks later. The Braves offense seems to to be playing dismal also. The Braves are not taking advantage of scoring possibilities with runners on second and third base with only one out. It’s almost easier to roll your eyes and mute the television. Freddie Freeman is proving his worth as the leader of the Braves, but his supporting players aren’t getting the key hits at the right time. 

Dansby Swanson can’t seem to get it together at the plate or on the field. If he wants to be considered for Rookie of the Year his performance doesn’t justify it. Ender Inciatre is a great lead off man who is getting on base, but the inability of the Braves to find a number two hitter in the lineup is hurting them. They are shuffling players like Brandon Phillips and Dansby Swanson but this might be the Achilles heel but that opinion might be too harsh. There are several holes to fill and the Braves are not in the bottom of the National League East. The Braves fans, coaches, and players don’t want to see that. I’m not sure what the answers are, which is why I’m a writer and critic. I love the Braves and hopefully they will go on a winning streak and I can put my foot in my mouth once again. GO BRAVES!!!!!?


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