Freeman and Garcia homer for the Braves, but the team falls to the Astros.

Yesterday’s day game freed up my evening. However the Atlanta Braves lost to the very hot Houston Astros yesterday. The game had potential especially in the 5th inning when the Braves took a 2-1 lead into the ball game, but teams can rally just as the Braves have done this season. Jamie Garcia had allowed only one run scored until the Astros put on a hitting clinic in the bottom of the inning at his expense. It is easy as a fan to shout at the television for a new pitcher to take over in relief, but we as fans want automatic results as if we are playing some video game. 

Hopefully the Braves are not going to rely primarily on the homerun ball to win games. The Braves team is not built for power. If you look at the Braves lineup from top to bottom they are built for players to get key hits in game situations. Although the Braves have power bats in the lineup with Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis as well as the players mentioned above, this Braves lineup depends on playing “small ball.” This is a term often used in baseball terms, and I’ve mentioned this term many times. The Braves are needing every single player to do their jobs at the plate and in the field.

When the Atlanta Braves put together their starting pitchers in the off season and relying on veteran pitching arms some were in favor of this idea. Unfortunately when reading social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, a lot of fans want to scrap this idea and bring up young pitching arms to the big league level. Although this idea could possibly work, there could be a lot of backlash also. Not one single team knows what formulas work every season, otherwise the same ball club would win the World Series every season. The Braves organization has decided to go in this direction and we as fans should support that decision.

Watching major league baseball is a fantastic hobby, and some of us have decided to make a living at being a fan. Although the Braves have not enjoyed playing in the post season in the last few season, their is a formula in the works to bring the Braves organization back to glory for years to come. Not every single game or series will have winning results, but there are no guarantees in life. If everyday was a party the joy of celebration would dim. No one wants a party everyday. The Braves will start winning games and series again. That time is coming. Patience, we must learn patience as Braves fans. Tonight is a new game and series. Let’s hope for the best and enjoy the game. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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