Braves win series from the Blue Jays, but it’s a somber mood in Atlanta.

Last night’s win should have felt like a party. The Atlanta Braves scored 6 runs in the top of the 1st inning caped off by Kurt Suzuki 3 run homerun. Nick Markakis just missed hitting a grand slam and settled for a 2 run single instead. Mike Foltynewicz settled in with his early lead and despite having to keep his emotions in check. won his first game in front of his hometown in Atlanta.

Rather than delaying the inevitable news, Freddie Freeman was hit by a pitch in the bottom of the 5th inning. He went to the Braves locker room after the Braves medical staff looked at his injured wrist and Braves manager Brian Snitker pulled Freeman out of the lineup.  After last night’s victory, Snitker said the X-Rays on Freeman were inclusive. I’m not a doctor but that sounds a lot like something is broken but the Braves don’t know what. Freeman possibly going on the disabled list would be tragic for the Braves team.

Freddie Freeman is 1 of the hottest players in baseball right now and he is currently tied for the homerun lead in the National League. There really had not been bad blood between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Braves before last night’s game. The benches cleared twice last night but there were no fists thrown. Jose Batista did hit a homerun in the 8th inning and he did his bat flip that he is notorious for. Jace Peterson said something to Bautista as he rounded the bases and Kurt Suzuki had some more words for Batista at home plate.

Going back to the game Dansby Swanson’s hitting streak came to an end. Matt Kemp continued his hitting ways but Kurt Suzuki performance at the plate stole the spotlight last night. Nick Markakis is one of the best hitters in baseball and his performance at the plate often is over  looked. Ender Inciatre made another fantastic play in the outfield and robbed the Blue jays of an extra base hit opportunity. Jim Johnson shut down the Blue Jays in the 9th inning to secure the Braves win. 

Earlier in this series I wrote how winning series was extremely important for the Braves. It is very important as the Braves look to get their record back to.500 for the season. To be quite honest I wasn’t going to write today because of my concern for Freddie Freeman’s injury. That would of been very unprofessional and childish of me. The Braves lost their 1st baseman to an injury last night not a game. Injuries happen in baseball and I have no insight into Freeman’s injury. The Braves will rally and the Braves team goes for the series sweep tonight with Julio Teheran pitching. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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