The Giants win the final game in San Francisco and win the series.

Things looked promising during the first game of the series. The Atlanta Braves came in to San Francisco and won the first game of the series and much like the weather in San Francisco, the Braves bats got cold. The Atlanta offense the last 2 games could nothing not come through with big hits when the opportunities were there.

R.A. Dickey allowed runs early in the game and his knuckle ball did not find it break until later in the game. Braves manager Brian Snitker stuck with Dickey for 6 innings and was hoping for a late inning rally. The Braves offense only managed to score a single run in the game from Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki. Braves 3rd baseman Rio Ruiz had an opportunity with runners on base, but his hot hitting streak cooled down in this series.

Sometimes as sports writers it can be easy to place blame on players. Blaming the Braves loss on Rio Ruiz is very unfair and Ruiz was not the only Braves player whose bat was cooled down. The Braves did not get quality starts the last 2 games of the series and quickly fell behind in both games. The Braves bullpen has been very good lately shutting down other team’s lineups. Brian Snitker wanted to give his bullpen a much deserved rest. 

The Braves now travel to Los Angeles and begin a 3 game series with the Angels. Julio Teheran will get the start on this Memorial Day game . Teheran has not allowed an earn run in his last start, unfortunately he has not won a game in his last 3 starts either. The Braves can turn around this road trip with a series win in this short 3 game series. The first pitch is at 9pm tonight and might be a great way to end a holiday weekend. Those of us on the East coast struggling to stay awake for West coast games, will appreciate the extra hour of sleep. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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