Matt Adams hits grand slam and hits another homerun to give the Braves the win in Cincinnati.

Baseball is a team sport, but a lone hero sometimes emerges. That was the case for the Atlanta Braves  yesterday against the Cincinnati Reds. Matt Adams got his first grand slam at the major league level yesterday in extra innings, and then for an encore performance, hit hit a solo home run extra innings. The Braves had a hard time scoring runs yesterday for their starting pitcher R.A. Dickey.

Twice in yesterday’s game the Braves had the bases loaded but could not take advantage of the situation. Actually it was 3 times, but in one of those circumstances Matt Adams brought his power with him. The Braves offense did not totally rely on Matt Adams and the Braves did manage to get on base quite often, they just had problems pushing the runs across the plate. Ironically R.A. Dickey was called upon to get the base hit with the runners on 3rd base.

Kurt Suzuki deserves a lot of the credit for the Braves win. Not only was he hit by 2 different pitchers yesterday, but behind the plate he had to adjust catching knuckle balls from R.A. Dickey to 90 plus fast balls from Braves reliever Jose Ramirez. This is difficult enough but imagine catching for different pitchers but having to do so with bruises on your body from being hit by Red’s pitchers.

If the Braves want to win this final road trip game before they head home to Atlanta, they will need a great game pitching wise from Julio Teheran. The Braves also need to score often and early for their ace pitcher. The Braves can win the series today with the win, and can finish this road trip with a spring in their step. The Braves can play as a team and leave Cincinnati with a win. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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