Is it time for the Braves to part ways with Bartolo Colon?

Rather than back the answer after I release all the statistics and number, YES! That is the answer to the above question, yes the Braves should release Bartolo Colon before the All Star Break. The Braves front office including team president John Hart and general manager John Coppolella took a chance on the 44 year old veteran and this free agent signing is turning into a bust.

Bartolo Colon has the worst ERA in baseball with 7.78. Colon is a starting pitcher and his presence and veteran experience was supposed to add some stability to the Braves pitching staff. His nickname in baseball is”Big Sexy.” The big part is correct, but the sexy part? Not so much. The sexy pitching arm is what the Braves hoped he would bring to Atlanta and it’s only a floppy slow arm that hitters are smashing all over the field. Last night’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies is a perfect example. Braves manager Brian Snitker thankfully pulled the plug on Colon after he allowed 8 runs after only 3 2/3 innings.

If the Braves pitching staff is looking for veteran leadership, they can look to Julio Teheran, R.A. Dickey, or Jaime Garcia. Bartolo Colon presence in the clubhouse might be a joyful experience, he has a vibrant personality. Just because you can be the class clown, doesn’t mean you are the leader. Of all the veterans the Braves added this off season, they paid the most for Bartolo Colon. The Braves have made bad investments before, the frustrating thing is when the front office and coaches will not admit their mistakes. 

When looking at the starting pitchers for the Braves, there are a couple of names that stand out. When I read Bartolo Colon is starting my first reaction is an eye roll. I’m not sure how the Braves can allow Bartolo Colon to step down or retire in style, that’s for the Braves organization to figure out. The Braves are still competitive this season besides having Freddie Freeman on the disabled list, and hanging on to a 44 year old pitcher probably can best be done described as stubbornness. The Braves need to part with Bartolo Colon and let him ride off into the sunset. They took a gamble and it didn’t work out. If the Braves want to make a splash in the National League East this season, it will start with pitching. The Braves have young pitching arms in the minor leagues, maybe it’s time to make room in the clubhouse. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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