Jamie Garcia pitches a solid game, but the Braves fall to the Phillies.

Jamie Garcia was solid last night. He pitched into the 7th inning until the Philadelphia Phillies scored twice in the 7th inning. The Atlanta Braves offense had a difficult time trying to figure out the Phillies pitching as they have lost back to back games in Atlanta. The Braves looked to have figured out the Phillies early on and scored their only run in the 1st inning.

Brandon Phillips got a double in his first plate appearance, and Nick Markakis drove him in later in the inning. Jamie Garcia has pitched a very impressive 1.23 ERA over his last 4 starts with the Braves. There are rumors floating around that the Braves might consider trading Garcia at some point this season, but again rumors are only talk.

The Braves are now 8 games under.500 and if they want to make a a run in the National League League East, they must focus on winning series. The Braves can only hope to tie this series with the Philadelphia Phillies. Atlanta Braves are likely without their All Star 1st baseman Freddie Freeman until the end of July. Matt Adams has filled in nicely at 1st base, but Freeman is missed by players, coaches, and fans in Atlanta.

Braves center fielder Ender Inciatre picked up his 500th career hit last night. Inciatre is in the top 5 of hits, batting average, and OBP in the National League. Inciatre to be at least one of the Braves going to the All Star Game this year for the Braves. Inciatre does what all good lead off men in baseball should do, he gets on base. His play Gold Glove plays in the outfield are exciting to watch and he often robs base hits from players with his speed and throwing arm.

The Braves bats have been quite the last couple of games in Atlanta. If the Braves want to even the series they will need to get going offensively and they need great pitching from their starters and bullpen. The Braves can turn things around tonight with a win over the Phillies. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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