The Braves bats go silent in Atlanta as the team waits and see if Matt Kemp is headed to the disabled list. 

Last night’s game had great pitching from Sean Newcomb but the Braves bats did not give him any run support. This was only Newcomb’s 2nd start in the majors, but he has only had 1 run support in both of his starts. That lack of run support is discouraging for Braves fans and Newcomb. Although Newcomb will not say it since he is a professional, I will state the obvious. The Braves lack of offense is despicable. 

To add more insult to injury, Matt Kemp was kept out of last night’s starting rotation last night. The Braves front office and coaches are being vague in their comments with the extent of the injury. Braves manager Brian Snitker is quoted as saying, “Matt Kemp is day to day and if he is able to play, he will be in the lineup.” Again the Braves are either being very naive or vague with their updates on Kemp. The Braves do not want to put Matt Kemp on the disabled list for the 2nd time this season, but that could be a reality.

With Braves 1st baseman Freddie Freeman still on the disabled list probably until late July, the Braves do not want to lose their 2nd most productive player in their lineup. Ender Inciatre and Nick Markakis have both contributed to the lineup, but the Braves need a consistent contact hitter with power in the middle of the rotation. Matt Adams has filled in nicely at 1st base, and if the Braves lose Matt Kemp to the disabled list, it would definitely be a shot to the Braves franchise.

Danny Santana started yesterday’s game in left field for Matt Kemp and Santana is an exciting player to watch with the Braves. If Matt Kemp does go to the disabled list some young prospect in the Braves minor league system will be called up from AAA Gwinnett. Braves starting pitcher Bartolo Colon is .coming off the disabled list next week and the Braves are going to give Colon another opportunity to see if he has anything left in the gas tank. That’s up to the Braves coaches and trainers to figure out. The Braves might go with a 6 man starting rotation to keep Sean Newcomb in the starting rotation. It’s not Newcomb’s fault if the Braves are not scoring runs. This afternoon’s practice will hopefully shed some light on the extent of Matt Kemp’s injury. When the Braves release their lineup this afternoon it will be interesting to see if Matt Kemp is on it. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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