If you enjoy offensive games, the Braves victory last night provided plenty of that from both teams.

A big criticism of baseball is there is little action or offense to be exciting for the casual fan. Last night the Atlanta Braves and the San Francisco Giants had a slugfest at SunTrust Park. Taking both starting pitchers out of the game before either one would be involved in the winning or losing decision, yesterday the balls seemed to be jumping off the bats for both teams. If either team became complicate with a lead, they were in for a long game on Thursday evening.

Braves starting pitcher Jamie Garcia made a quick exit in last night’s game, and the starting pitcher for the Giants did not stick around much longer for his team. The Braves had 4 homeruns last night but that was not the only way the Braves offense was able to score runs. Nick Markakis, Matt Adams, Brandon Phillips, and Braves recent call up Lane Adams homered in last night’s game. Each homerun was more dazzling than the next and the bleachers in left field go the work out last night. Brandon Phillips and Lane Adams hit monstrous homeruns to the upper decks at SunTrust Park.

Braves left fielder Matt Kemp and 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips left last night’s game with what seemed to be hamstring injuries. Matt Kemp had run down a fly ball in left field that could have been disastrous if Kemp did not run the ball down. Brandon Phillips seemed to be struggling at the plate with his leg bothering him and Braves manager Brian Snitker decided that the Braves did not need to risk further injury to either player. The Braves had scored an incredible 8 runs in the 5th inning so keeping both players in the game made little sense in the outcome of the game. Both players are day to day as the Braves prepare for a weekend series with the Milwaukee Brewers.

After the offensive explosion last night, it was going to be exciting to write the summary of this game. 1 point that may get overlooked is that Nick Markakis went 4 for 5 last night. Markakis is doing a remarkable job as the number 3 hitter in the Braves lineup. When Freddie Freeman rejoins the team probably in July, he will most likely gain his number 3 hitting slot back, but he might be playing a new position at 3rd base. Rumors are flying around in the Atlanta Braves community as Freeman continues to take hitting drills at 3rd base. Freddie Freeman just wants to win, and the Braves winning culture seems to be all around the Braves clubhouse. Brian Snitker has his team playing great baseball and the team has won 3 straight series. Let’s wait and watch the Braves continue their great playing as the Brewers come to Hotlanta. I’m not just talking weather hot either. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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