The Braves win their 4th straight game behind Dickey’s knuckle balls and Brandon Phillips homerun.

The Atlanta Braves R.A. Dickey had early inning trouble against the Milwaukee Brewers, but Dickey managed to pitch his way out of trouble. The Brewers had loaded the bases in the 1st inning but were unable to score. The Braves 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips did hit a 2 run homerun in to put the Braves on top for good.

In the bottom of the 1st inning Braves catcher Tyler Flowers tied the game at 1-1 with a single up the middle. The Braves bats were quit in yesterday’s game for both ball clubs, but the Braves did win their 4th straight games and just as important their 4th straight series. The Braves have enjoyed playing at SunTrust Park on this long home stand. After Sunday afternoon’s game, the Braves will travel to the West coast.

R.A. Dickey throwing primarily knuckle balls keeps hitters guessing what pitch is coming next. Occasionally Dickey will throw a fast ball to fool hitters and after seeing off speed pitches a lower 90s fastball must seem much faster and harder to hit. Braves catchers who catch for R.A. Dickey do not even bother setting up a pitching target because they don’t know how much of a break the baseball will change as it crosses the plate. Dickey threw 7 strong innings before the Braves bullpen took over in the 8th inning to secure the win in Atlanta.

Today the Braves will send pitcher Julio Teheran to the mound tonight and go for the sweep against the Brewers. West coast games are played much later due to the time difference and the Braves team will adjust their sleeping patterns accordingly. Braves manager Brian Snitker has to be very pleased with the way the Braves are playing and next week he may miss how kind SunTrust Park has been to the Braves the last couple of weeks. It’s time for the Braves to take their show on the road and test their skills against the National League West. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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