It’s time for the Braves to part ways with Bartolo Colon, and the Braves winning streak ends at 10 games against the Padres.

Second guessing about the Atlanta Braves holding on to Bartolo Colon is not as easy as just shrugging your shoulders and giving up. Last night Bartolo Colon returned from the disabled list against the San Diego Padres and gave up 6 runs over 4 innings. Colon increased his ERA to a dismal 8.13, the worst in the major league. Colon is one of the oldest pitchers in baseball and he was signed as a free agent in the offense to give the Braves pitching staff innings as their young talent evolved in the minor leagues

The Braves offense rallied for 4 runs in the 6th inning, but the rally was not enough as the Padres won their 1st game against the Braves in 10 previous tries. Braves manager Brian Snitker had taken a bit of a gamble keeping 6 starters in the Braves rotation. Braves president John Hart and General Manager John Coppolella paid Colon the highest salary this off season and the Braves front office may finally have to admit their gamble on Colon did not work out. 

The Braves did not manage to hit a homerun in last night’s ball game, but Braves 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips celebrated his 36th birthday with a base hit. Matt Kemp drove in a pair of RBIs, and Braves catcher Tyler Flowers also drove in a run last night with a single. The Braves offense has been clicking as of late, and the Braves have battled back later on in games. This was not the case last night. The opportunity was there, but the Braves did not get the 1 big hit they desperately needed.

The Braves might want to consider possibly trading Bartolo Colon if there are any offers from other major league teams. The New York Mets are in desperate need of starting pitching, and if the Braves are looking to trade Colon to his former major league ball team that’s an option. Jamie Garcia will take the mound tonight as the Braves look to win the series in San Diego. The Bartolo Colon project did not work out in Atlanta, and although it might be difficult to admit making a mistake, it’s about time the Braves organization admits their failure. Hopefully the Braves can rally for tonight’s game as they look to get back to their winning ways. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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