Dansby Swanson leads the way as the Braves win the series against Oakland.

The expectations for Dansby Swanson were set high this season. Before the first pitch was thrown in late March the sport talk shows were already handing out awards and naming who they thought would make the biggest impacts in baseball. During the winter when there is no baseball being played at the major league level, baseball writers need to find something to write about. I’m just as guilty and I thought Dansby Swanson was just going to take MLB by storm and possibly compete for the MVP award.

It’s safe to say that Dansby Swanson has not lived up to the expectations that were placed on him. Swanson plays at shortstop, that’s not where most power hitters play. Instead of being satisfied with a good defensive shortstop, many writers, including myself, were expecting some sort of Robocop type player that would not only be a great defensive player, but 1 who would hit for power. Dansby Swanson is slowly increasing his batting average and driving in runs while at the same time would be a magnificent fielder. 

In yesterday’s game starting pitcher R.A. Dickey had another good pitching performance. The Atlanta Braves offense has been rallying later in the game and that can be a nail biter for fans. Ender Inciatre leading off for the Braves is getting on base, and stealing bases to get in scoring position. Since Dansby Swanson is hitting lower in the lineup the players in front of him can be just as quick and also getting into scoring position. The term”dynamic duo” is being used to describe Dansby Swanson and Danny Santana. Since the Braves are playing in an American League ballpark, they can take advantage of the DH rule. The Braves can use the DH rule in Atlanta, but it will cost them a pitcher’s position.

Yesterday Freddie Freeman played in his first game since fracturing his wrist earlier this season. Freeman is attempting to come back as a 3rd baseman. Although there are highlights of Freeman playing at the minor league level, he should not be in such a rush to return to the Braves lineup. Sure Freeman is 1 of the most popular players in Atlanta, but rushing back to play for the Braves might not be the best decision. The Braves fans, coaches, and teammates want to see a healthy Freddie Freeman who is fully healthy. The season isn’t even half way over yet, and if the Braves are going to make a push for the postseason they will need 9 healthy players. The Braves will go for a series sweep against the Oakland Athletics this afternoon. Let’s all enjoy the game. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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