Freddie Freeman returns to the Braves lineup, but the Astros ruin any kind of 4th of July celebration at SunTrust Park.

Freddie Freeman returned to the Atlanta Braves lineup and received a standing ovation in his 1st game in 7 weeks. Freeman did get a base hit in his 1st at bat, and unfortunately this was 1 of the few highlights for the Braves as the Houston Astros put a beat down on this 4th of July game. Braves starting pitcher Sean Newcomb got rattled for the 1st time as a big league pitcher and the Astros offense showed no mercy.

Living in Texas for over 20 years my friends and I developed a nickname for the Houston Astros, the LASTros. This team had not been very good or competitive for a number of years and they usually finished last in their division so the unofficial nickname seemed to fit. This is definitely not the case this season and a lot of sport writers have picked the Astros to not only win their division in the American League, but make it far into the post season. Last night was a good presentation of why. This was the 1st game for the Astros at SunTrust Park and it seems the Astros enjoyed playing in Atlanta.

The Braves did manage to score 4=runs later in the game, but being down by 10runs allow the other teams to challenge hitters and their strike zone. The Braves have a impressive bench and Danny Santana had a 2 RBI double late in the game but by then it was too little and too late. Their was a lot of chatter on social media about how embarrassing it was for the Braves to be down by so many runs, but these same fans enjoy when the Braves run up the score against other teams. The Braves seemed to have a bit of a curse when it comes to playing .500 baseball, a feat they have not enjoyed since early in the 2017 season.

The Braves lineup on paper looks like it can be lethal to the opposing pitchers. With the power hitters of Freddie Freeman, Matt Adams, Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis, and Tyler Flowers the ability to score runs is there, but these players did not gel in their first game together. As any long term Braves fan knows, pitching is key to having success in baseball. Inter league play has just started in MLB and overall the Braves have been successful, not counting last night’s game. The Braves and Jamie Garcia will look to rebound tonight before heading up to Washington D.C. for a 4 game set with the Nationals before the All Star break. Jamie Garcia looks to regain his form tonight and even this short series with the Astros. It’s nice to see Freddie Freeman back in the Braves lineup, and the Braves will look to get their offense rolling tonight at SunTrust Park. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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