After last night demolishing it is safe to ask are the Braves that bad, or are the Astros that good?

Last night the Atlanta Braves looked dazed and confused and the Houston Astros looked like they are playing at a far superior level. The Braves looked early on that they didn’t have an an answer to the Astros pitching. Luckily the Braves got a huge hit from their starting pitcher Jamie Garcia of all people, and at the next at bat Ender Inciatre smashed a huge homerun to right field. The Braves tied the game at 4-4 and that would be the last runs the Braves would score.

The Braves fans, coaches, and players are probably still adjusting to Freddie Freeman playing 3rd base however he played that position very well last evening. The Astros had a hit parade at SunTrust Park the last 2 games. Not only did the Astros hit with power, but they were able to get key hits at the right times and 1 thing I haven’t mentioned is how fast this team is.  It’s almost like the Astros are playing with a time limit or a stop watch over their clubhouse. Now I can see why Sports Illustrated picked the Astros as their pick to win the World Series.

Braves play by play announcers Joe Simpson and Chip Carey were equally impressed with the Astros. To be very honest it was like watching a college baseball team playing a professional baseball team. Luckily the Braves have no more games scheduled against the Astros this season and will unlikely play them again in 2017 unless both of these teams meet in the World Series. The Braves are a good team, but the Astros are a great team. If the Braves want to get to the same level as the Astros, there will need to be some major lineup and pitching changes.

The Braves will fly up to Washington D.C. to start a 4 game series with the Nationals tonight. If the Braves are hoping to make a move in the National League East before the All Star break on Monday, the team will need to regroup and put this short home series behind them. The last time the Braves traveled to Washington they won their 1st series since 2014. The Braves are very competitive and this series against the Nationals might be exactly what the Braves are looking for. The Braves and Nationals are very familiar with each other and the Braves will take their new lineup on the road for the first time this season. Braves fans should not hang their heads too low after last night. They played a much younger and faster team. The Braves have a long 2nd half of the season to go, and the Braves will be in the hunt for the 2017 post season. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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