Freddie Freeman hits a homerun for the 1st time since May, but the Braves could not shut the door on the Nationals.

Last night’s game in our nation’s capital was a good game for Freddie Freeman and R.A. Dickey, but the Washington Nationals did not go quietly into the good night. The Atlanta Braves were up 4-1 going into the bottom of the 9th inning but Braves closer Jim Johnson could not get the 3 outs the Braves needed for the win. The Nationals tied the game 4-4 and the game went into extra innings, and the Nationals gave their fans a thrill and battled back for the win.

Last night Braves manager Brian Snitker was thrown out of the game after arguing with the 3rd base coach over a check swing that did not go the Braves way. Snitker look enraged and seeing his face turn a bright red and his hold head shaking was a perfect image of the stress that happens in baseball. I was disappointed as much as any Braves fan, but overall the Braves loss did not ruin my day. The comments on social media about the blown save were very unforgiving, and several fans made horrible comments about Jim Johnson . This is when baseball becomes more of addiction and it’s easy to say get over it, it’s just a game. The Nationals rallied late and got a key win. Dare I say when the Braves rally late, all is right with the world.

Freddie Freeman is a great player and there are very few baseball fans who will deny that. Freeman hit a towering homerun run to the 2nd deck of the Nationals right field stands. Later in the game, Freeman drove in 2 more runs with a double. That part of the game Braves fans enjoy. Watching R.A. Dickey take a no hitter into the 6th inning was a treat for Braves fans as well. Matt Kemp had an opportunity to drive in at least 1 run in the 10th inning, but that opportunity did not happen. Baseball is a game of what ifs and if the chips do not fall in perfect unison for the Braves, it is okay.

The Braves will try and bounce back this afternoon in Washington. The Braves have 2 more games before the All Star Break. The Braves can still win the series and gain some ground on the National League East leading Washington Nationals that now stand at 9.5 games. Getting away from the Braves just for a moment, Cleveland Indians manager Terry Franconia was placed on the disabled list for an irregular heartbeat. Just in case baseball fans lose sight of how stressful professional baseball can be, imagine a job that is stressful enough to put you in the hospital. That is scary and the next time the Braves blow a late inning game, try and put things in perspective. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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