The Braves fall to the Cubs after a 3 hour rain delay. Games should be re-scheduled after a 2 hours delay. That’s the rule I just made up.

The Cubs fans are coming out in full force in Atlanta. Last night the crowd at SunTrust Park seem to grow louder for the Chicago Cubs than the Atlanta Braves. The Braves fans did not have much to celebrate last night in Atlanta. Their starting pitcher Sean Newcomb gave up a 3 run homerun in the 3rd inning and although the game was not officially over, a lot of Braves fans including me did not seem much hope. The over 3 hour rain delay gave this first pitch starting time the feel of a West coast game, and the Braves will experience those later start times soon enough. 

Brian Snitker is making some unusual lineups for the Braves lately. Personally I think playing Freddie Freeman at 3rd base is a mistake. Freeman is a good athlete but he is not a natural 3rd baseman. Matt Adams keeps getting the starts at first but Adams bat has cooled down after Freeman’s return from the disabled list. Also since the Braves lineup tries to cater to Freeman and Adams both being in the batting order, Dansby Swanson has seen his name in the starting lineup decrease.

Johan Camargo has emerged as a good hitter and a diverse player in the infield unfortunately he does not have a normal starting position. The Braves have dropped the first 2 games of this series after sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks to get back to a.500 record. Sean Newcomb first came up to the big leagues earlier this season and he was a good pitcher and helped the Braves to deal with their starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, who had lost what little he had at the beginning of the season. 

Maybe it is too early to suggest that Matt Adams needs to be traded or given the role of bench player but Brian Snitker needs to do what is best for his team. The value of Matt Adams is still high and if the Braves decide to trade for another starting pitcher like Sonny Gray from the Oakland Athletics, that is a good trade Braves fans might embrace. The Braves have only lost 2 games in a row so it’s a bit premature to hit the panic button. Whatever the goal was realistically for the 2017 Braves, the transactions before the trade deadline will show their fans the intention. Hopefully R.A. Dickey and his knuckle ball will help salvage this short series against the Cubs this afternoon. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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