MIke Foltynewicz and the Braves offense help put an end to the Dodgers 11 game winning streak! 

Last night the Atlanta Braves were in need of a win and the team called on Mike Foltynewicz. He not only help contain the Los Angeles Dodgers hot offense, but he helped the Braves snap their 3 game losing streak. The Braves scored early thanks to Kurt Suzuki’s 2 run homerun to jump start the Braves offense. Freddie Freeman would also contribute with 2 RBIs of his own. 

Last night was the first game of a 4 game series with the Dodgers. The Braves were in need of a win after being swept by the Chicago Cubs at SunTrust Park. The Braves had a cross country flight after the game, and facing the hottest team in baseball seemed dreary. Mike Foltynewicz pitched a wonderful game and never back down even after giving up a 2 run homerun to the Dodgers. The Braves bullpen which had struggled against the Cubs, blanked the Dodgers at L.A. stadium. 

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching it will be interesting to see which direction the Braves front office wants to take. Speculation is running wild on social media about what possible moves the Braves should take. Unfortunately baseball is not a quick fix game and just 1 trade will not guarantee a team’s success. The Braves have a stock piled farm system full of young talent and the best farm system in baseball. Many potential all stars might be waiting for their chance in the majors and the Braves are not ready to trade away their future. 

The Braves will look to build on the momentum of last night’s win tonight in Los Angeles. Jamie Garcia will pitch tonight against former Braves pitcher Alex Wood. Alex Wood has become one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball this season, and he is an asset in the Dodgers pitching rotation. The Braves pitching rotation has been solid this season with a few moves just like every other major league team. The West coast starting times are a bit later than the Braves normal starting time, but that’s life. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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