Amid trade rumors Braves pitcher Jamie Garcia throws an outstanding game, and Garcia smack a grand slam for an exclamation point!

Social media is a good thing and it helps people connect from all over the world. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, and a lot of lies and false truths are created on the internet as well. There were plenty of rumors before the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers game about pitcher Jamie Garcia being traded to the Minnesota Twins. Fortunately for the Braves all the chatter was not true, and Jamie Garcia led the Braves into their 2nd win in the series.

The Braves scored early off of their former teammate Alex Wood and Jamie Garcia kept the Dodgers bats in check for a 2nd straight game. The temperature at last night’s game was 78 degrees at first pitch and it’s possible the Braves are enjoying the break from the Atlanta heat and are celebrating with plenty of offense and great plays in the field. Johan Camargo got the start at 2nd base after Braves manager Brian Snitker gave Brandon Phillips the night off to rest his pulled hamstring in Thursday night’s game. 

The ironic thing about last night’s grand slam by Jamie Garcia is he admits it was his first grand slam he has ever hit even going back to his Little League days. The Braves also took advantage of a dropped fly ball from Alex Wood in the 4th inning. With runners on 2nd and 3rd pitcher Jamie Garcia popped up a fly ball in the infield which should have ended the Braves rout, but Alex Wood lost the ball in the night sky and did not make the routine play. Sean Rodriguez came around from 2nd base and never let up on the bases scoring the 2nd run of the inning. 

Jamie Garcia admitted yesterday he does not participate in social media, but the trade rumors did get back to Garcia from his family and friends. Jamie Garcia had one of the best responses saying he was a Braves player until he hears otherwise and his commitment lies with the Braves. If Garcia has pitched his last game in Atlanta he definitely went out with a bang. The Braves president John Hart and general manager John Coppolella are open to hearing trade offers from other teams but if a offer is made it has to be beneficial to the Braves. Last night’s deal with the Twins was not done and Jamie Garcia lead his team to an exciting win in Los Angeles. Tonight the Braves will send their pitching ace Julio Teheran to the mound. Hopefully trade rumors will be on the back burner tonight as the Braves go for the series win. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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