The Braves fall to the Diamondbacks and complete a trade with the Twins.

Some days it’s harder than others to be a Braves fan. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been a Braves fan since birth, but watching the Braves losing their 3rd straight game and watching players being traded are not the fun part of being a die hard fan. Last night’s lineup in Arizona included new position players and some everyday players getting a well deserved rest. Danny Santana got the start in center field and former Diamondbacks player Ender Inciatre sat on the bench watching his former team. Dansby Swanson also was able to get a rest from his normal starting position at shortstop for the emerging Johan Santana.

This past weekend the Braves came very close to trading away starting pitcher Jamie Garcia with the Twins but the deal fell through after there were medical concerns about who the Braves would receive in the exchange. Last night the Braves finally parted ways with Jamie Garcia and catcher Anthony Recker in exchange for left handed starting pitcher Huascar Ynoa. The Twins will pay most of the 4.75 million dollars of Jamie Garcia’s contract and most of the $800,000 Anthony Recker contract as well. This move clears up enough money for the Braves to pursue other starting pitchers on the trade market like Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics. 

The Braves are 2-4 on this road trip but this road trip out West is not done just yet. The Braves have 2 more games with the Diamondbacks before finishing up the road trip in Philadelphia. Last night Sean Rodriguez hit a two run homerun for the Braves only scores. Knuckle ball pitcher R.A. Dickey struggled against Arizona and with the lack of offense in the Braves lineup the Braves lost their 3rd straight game. The Braves can even the series tonight and with a lot of the Braves every day starters getting a well deserved break maybe the offense will fire on all cylinders tonight.

Braves General Manager John Coppolella is busy working the phones as the July 31st trade deadline is less than a week away. Seeing Jamie Garcia leaving the Braves is disappointing but baseball is a business and Coppolella is making moves that will make the Braves a more competitive team in the long run. Fans, coaches, and players will adapt to new and old players but although it might be difficult to accept certain trades and signings, John Hart and John Coppolella are making the Braves a great team for years to come. Jamie Garcia will be missed in Atlanta, but the Braves will make the adjustments and baseball life will go on. Let’s play 1 game at a time and wish for a Braves victory tonight out in the desert. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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