After the Braves lose their 4th straight game, is it time for Braves fans to focus on the 2018 season instead of post season dreams in 2017?

The Atlanta Braves struggles continue against playing the Phillies in Philadelphia. The Braves have not won a game against their division rivals up North. The Phillies are 1 of the worst teams in baseball with their win/loss record. So why are the emerging Braves struggling so much against the Phillies in Philadelphia? There is no 1 answer to that question. We could break it down and focus on where the problems lie but that might be irrelevant at this point. If it were just 1 issue then it would be a quick fix, but like the majority of problems in life, there are many different factors involved. 

The Braves have left 30 base runners on base in this 3 game series with the Phillies. That statistic is a huge factor for sure. Despite Julio Teheran’s last pitching performance, the starting pitching for the Braves have performed very well. Yesterday starting pitcher R.A. Dickey allowed only 1 unearned run and the best the Braves offense could do was score 1 run late in the game and the Braves bullpen could not shut down the Phillies offense. It’s difficult to say if the Philadelphia Phillies are going on a great run after the All Star break like the Braves of 2016 did, or if the Braves are having issues in their clubhouse? 

The 2017 is by no means over and it is way to early for the Braves or their fans to throw in the towel. There are still over 2 months of baseball games to be played, and despite the Braves recent struggles they are still in contention for a wild card spot. The Braves may not catch the Washington Nationals in the National League East this year, but stranger things have happened.  If the Braves could only find something to rally around that could give them a shot of adrenaline. The non roster trade deadline expires tonight at midnight. So far the Braves have been pretty silent, but Braves General Manager John Coppolella has made some shocking trades before, so if he does the same tonight don’t be surprised. 

Mike Foltynewicz seems to be emerging as the Braves emotional leader on the Braves starting rotation and he will be pitching tonight in the final game in Philadelphia. It is not to late for the Braves to start a new winning streak and get right back into the National League play off race. The Braves did not have a very good record in the month of July and the Braves are eager to end this long road trip that started out in Los Angeles. Some of the Braves power hitters like Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp, and Matt Adams need to get some of their swagger back and tonight could be the night. The Braves are playing under the radar and it’s time to make a splash in the National League. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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