Braves go home, you’re drunk.

Watching the Atlanta Braves games over the last few games have been about as exciting waking up with a hangover after a night of heavy drinking. The Braves have lost back to back series and 5 straight games. Their lack of transactions yesterday before the non roster trade deadline, has pretty much showed the Braves fans that they are not going to trade away their young talent for temporary help. The Braves were in the hunt for Sonny Gray, but the Oakland Athletics wanted a young centerfielder and other prospects. The Braves are not going to trade Ronald Acuna their start centerfielder in the minors and that was a brilliant move by General Manager John Coppolella.

The Braves are now 8 games below.500 after reaching the.500 mark just a couple of weeks ago. This record this late in the season gave many fans hope and talks of the Braves playing in the post season looked like a real possibility. It is possible the old leadership, coaches, and front office would trade away for players at the post season. Braves president John Hart and John Coppolella are much more level headed and do not make emotional transactions the way the previous administration did. The Braves have the best farm system in baseball and it would be foolish to trade it away for some big name players who may or may not help the Braves. 

Some big name players who the Braves might of been willing to trade away are Brandon Phillips, Jim Johnson, Julio Teheran, and others. The Braves are looking to cut some salary from their payroll, and are willing to part ways with talented players like Jamie Garcia. The Braves might look to release players and place them on the open market for other teams to snatch up and take the players salaries with them. The Braves can still make trades so do not think that if the right move came across John Coppolella’s desk the Braves would be have their hands tied.

The Braves do have the talent in their system and this was made evident with the emerging Johan Camargo. New players and pitchers are taking advantage of their opportunities in the big league and players who are not playing up to their standards are being sent down to the minor leagues for more experience and coaching. Never assume the Braves are giving up on players by sending them to the minors, we haven’t heard the last of Dansby Swanson. The Braves fans want to win right now and they are easily frustrated. A new stadium does not guarantee wins, but the Braves are probably looking forward to playing at SunTrust Park for awhile. There is something about sleeping in your own bed and being surrounded by family that makes all the difference. Tonight the Braves will play the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Dodgers are one of the hottest teams in baseball. Let’s hope the Braves returning to Atlanta will be a wake up call for the 2017 season. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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