The Braves bring in 2 more of their big names in the minor leagues, but the Braves lose their 6th straight game.

The Atlanta Braves are at an impasse. The Braves did not get a big name player at the trade deadline to possibly suffice their fans, but the Braves did promote Lucas Sims and Ozzie Albies to SunTrust Park last night for their major league debuts. Lucas Sims did pitch a great game and only allowed 3 runs in 6 innings but the Braves offense did not score any runs until late in the game. Ozzie Albies did score his first big league run off of Johan Camargo’s 2 run homerun in the 7th inning.

The Braves offense had a difficult time against the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitching and did not even reach 2nd base until Johan Camargo’s homerun. The Braves offense is having a difficult job meshing as their starting line-up changes almost every game. The Braves tried playing Matt Adams in left field and the Dodgers runners were testing Adams throwing arm all night until Adams was pulled from the line-up due to feeling dizzy. He is day to day as the Braves are facing the challenge of finding a left fielder for the injured Matt Kemp.

The Dodgers won their 9th straight game last night as they are looking to win the National League West. On the flip side the Braves have lost their 6th straight game and it will be interesting to see if the team can get back to a.500 record for the season. It’s difficult to tell what exactly the goals of the 2017 season is. The Braves front office keeps saying they want a competitive team and make a run for 1 of the wildcard play offs spots. The team do not want to trade away their farm system for immediate success and the Braves have a good team, but it’s pretty plain to see the Braves are looking to make a splash in the 2018 season as they are bringing in their minor league talents to give them some major league experience.

Although Lucas Sims first pitching assignment was against one of the hottest teams in baseball, Sims did not give in and was not intimidated by the Dodgers. Sims suffered what a lot of the Braves starting pitchers are going through, lack of run support. The Braves starting line-up has not been released as I write this article at 8am, but finding different ways to suffice the Braves defense and offense will be interesting indeed. The Braves can turn things around tonight and end their losing streak and the Dodgers winning streak. It would be nice to see the Braves score a load of runs and get a ton of hits. Nick Markakis is only 2 hits away from 2,000 hits and he can reach that milestone tonight at SunTrust Park. The Braves fans just need to be patient and trust the process. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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