The Braves lose another series and their struggles against the Phillies continue.

The Atlanta Braves had hoped that a change of scenery might help against the Philadelphia Phillies but the thorn in their side this season continued to fester at their side. Sean Newcomb pitched another good game and has more than earned his spot in the Braves starting pitching rotation. Newcomb only allowed 3 runs, but with the Braves offense still sputtering at the plate, it’s obvious that the problem in Atlanta is scoring runs. The Braves offense is not bringing in the base runners in scoring position during this stretch of games and it’s frustrating for the Braves players and fans to be watch.

The Braves called up Dansby Swanson yesterday from AAA Gwinnett but Swanson struggles at the plate continue. It’s not entirely Swanson’s fault and it is very unfair to put the blame on just 1 player, the line up from top to bottom is struggling and it might be the time to ask what is wrong with the Braves? The Braves manager Brian Snitker is making the best of what he has in Atlanta and to be very honest, there is not much. A few players in the Braves lineup have been hitting the ball on a consistent basis including Ender Inciatre, Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, Kurt Suzuki, and Brandon Phillips. Unfortunately this players have not figured out the Phillies pitching this season and what looked like a promising season for the Braves is looking more like a team just trying to get back to.500 for the season and try again in  2018.

There are only 50 games left for the Braves in the 2017 season but the Braves have struggled since the All Star break. The Braves fans have been frustrated this season and they are not coming out to SunTrust Park to support their lack luster team. The Braves front office and staff have created some fun and unique events this inaugural season at their new home, but Braves fans want to watch a competitive team playing hard every single at bat and now it seems like the Braves lineup is just going through the motions and have given up on this season. This is just an opinion and no baseball players or coaches enjoy losing. The Braves need a spark and it’s becoming difficult to find one these days. Maybe a day off in Atlanta can help clear the Braves heads as they enjoy their day off today.

The Braves will welcome the St. Louis Cardinals to Atlanta on Friday night. These might be the emergence of the Braves or it could turn into something much worse. The Braves fans keep asking questions and the Braves are not giving good answers. This off season for the Braves will be interesting indeed. The Braves might be looking for a better opportunity at 3rd base instead of having 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips fill that role. How the Braves solve the mystery of what to do with Matt Adams will be interesting. It is obvious that Matt Kemp’s hamstring continues to be a sore subject in Atlanta and the Braves lineup is missing their cleanup hitter. The Braves season isn’t over by a long shot and hopefully the Braves can solve the mystery of what the problem is with their team. Maybe the Braves can bounce back against the Cardinals at home and only time will tell. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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