Mike Foltynewicz struggles against the Cardinals as the Braves lose their 4th straight game.

If the Atlanta Braves are looking to go on a winning streak, their fans will need to wait a little bit longer. The St. Louis Cardinals have won their 7th game in a row and are trying to catch the Chicago Cubs in the National League Central division. By contrast the Braves are 3-7 over their last 10 games and have slipped to 4th place in the National League East. It looks as if the Braves are more concerned about slowly bringing their young talent to the major leagues and giving their young stars a taste of what it’s like to play with ball at the most elite level of baseball.

Mike Foltynewicz was hit hard early on as the Cardinals were smacking the ball all over Busch stadium in St. Louis. The Braves could not take advantages of the opportunities last night as the team hit into double plays in early in the game. A great example was in the 4th inning when the Braves had the bases loaded with nobody out and Freddie Freeman hit into a double play and only scored 1 run in the inning. Not placing the blame on 1 player, the Braves seem to be playing in slow motion lately as other teams in baseball are fighting for post season play.

Braves 2nd baseman Ozzie Albies gave the Braves hope in the 6th inning after smashing a 3 run homerun. It’s becoming obvious why Ozzie Albies is the Braves number 2 talented prospect in the Braves organization. Albies has filled in nicely at 2nd base while the Braves normal 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips has moved over to 3rd base as the Braves continue their search for a solid fielder at 3rd base. The Braves have used over a dozen players at 3rd base this season including Jace Peterson, a converted Freddie Freeman, Rio Ruiz, and other potential players. The Braves need to find a permanent solution at 3rd base and should address the problem in the off season. 

The Braves are not a terrible team that no longer cares about the 2017 season and are content to rebuild in the off season and try again in 2018. Several players have struggled this season and the injuries with this ball club have taken their toll. All major league teams deal with injuries and it’s unfair to blame the Braves lack luster performance on that 1 issue. The Braves are still a good team loaded with young talent in the minor leagues and some of their current players as well. Once the young talent emerges on the scene, the Braves will start enjoying post season play again. The Braves probably will not be enjoying the playoffs this season but never say never. Hopefully their cleanup batter Matt Kemp will return to the lineup soon and his arrival will help spark the Braves offense. Game 2 of the series is tonight as their young pitching prospect Lucas Sims is on the mound. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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