The Braves strike first but the Cardinals win their 8th straight game on Saturday night.

The Atlanta Braves continue looking for answers and the St. Louis Cardinals keep on winning. This may be heartbreaking for Braves fans but the Cardinals are playing for their playoff lives. Last night the Cardinals victory put their team in a tie for first place in the National League Central with the Chicago Cubs. The Braves continue to look for their spark and first win on this road trip and unfortunately for the Braves the competition will not get any easier in Denver tomorrow night.

Lucas Sims is still looking for his first victory in the majors and he did pitch a fairly decent game in his 3rd start in Atlanta. The Braves offense continues to sputter along with an occasional homerun and the Braves are missing their cleanup hitter Matt Kemp. If Braves fans are looking for some good news, Matt Kemp is probably returning to the lineup on Friday night. The Braves are not getting the power bat from Nick Markakis or Matt Adams in Kemp’s absence. Freddie Freeman is putting more pressure on himself to be the power bat in the lineup rather than being the consistent batter at the number 3 spot in the rotation

Last night during the game the play by play announcers Chip Carey and Joe Simpson talked to former Braves player Chipper Jones. When the question was asked of Chipper Jones what he thought was the problems with the Braves struggles, Jones quickly pointed out the starting pitching for the Braves. Yes the starting pitching is 1 of the elements but to lay the blame primarily on the starting pitching is ludicrous. The Braves are struggling as a team as of late and the Braves have fallen from 2nd place in the National League East to 4th place in their division. In the second half of the 2016 season the Braves rallied around their new manager Brian Snitker but lately the Braves are not playing good baseball.

Today before the Braves head to Colorado this evening they will play an afternoon game in the season finale with the Cardinals. The Braves will send R.A. Dickey to the mound in hopes of ending their 5 game losing streak and stopping the Cardinals winning streak. The Braves will be looking for Dickey to pitch late into the game and help save the arms of their bullpen for the Colorado Rockies. It’s been a struggle watching the Braves for the last few games but the Braves will look to leave St. Louis with a win this afternoon and hopefully KR.A. Dickey can lead the way. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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