Julio Teheran and Chad Bettis both pitch brilliant games in Colorado but the Rockies win the first game of the series.

Watching the game last night at Coors field, the offense was supposed to put on display in the thin air in Denver. Instead baseball fans were in for a pitching duel between the Atlanta Braves Julio Teheran and the Colorado Rockies Chad Bettis. Both of these pitchers pitched 7 scoreless innings and both pitchers were hitting their spots. Neither pitcher was backing down from the other team’s lineup. 

Julio Teheran looked more like his old self on the pitching mound last night and was not intimidated by the Rockies lineup. This was the first starting game for Chad Bettis since September of 2016. Bettis has gone through a lot of struggles since his cancer diagnosis years ago. Bettis has gone through many chemotherapy treatments and being a major league pitcher was probably the last thing on his mind. His story was very inspiring and even though I am a die hard Braves fan, subconsciously I was cheering for Chad Bettis last night. My father passed away from cancer last year and I have seen first hand what toll this horrible disease takes on people both physically and mentally.

Ender Inciatre got the excitement going in his first at bat and tried to score an inside the park homerun.  The Braves lineup was trying to score for Julio Teheran and even though Ender Inciatre took a huge chance trying to round the bases with his speed sometimes in baseball just like in life you need to take chances. Braves third base coach Ron Washington did not try to hold up Inciatre, and as fast as he was running the Braves dugout were on their feet to support their center fielder. Even Julio Teheran got a base hit during last night’s game and the Braves had scoring opportunities but they could not bring in their base runners in.  The Braves offense had been at a stale lately and have only scored 23 runs in their last 9 games. Hopefully their bats will wake up tonight and the team can enjoy the cooler weather in Colorado and the thin air.

Sean Newcomb will get the start tonight for the Braves as they look to even the series. Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis will look to help jump start the Braves lineup and their manager Brian Snitker might have a different looking lineup tonight as the Braves are having to fill in the left field spot still in turmoil with Matt Kemp still on the disabled list. Matt Adams might get the start tonight in left field for the Braves but that decision lies with the Braves manager and coaches. The Braves struggles continue and Matt Kemp is looking to return to the Braves lineup in Atlanta on Friday night. The Braves still have 3 more games to play in Colorado before returning home to SunTrust Park. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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