Sean Newcomb and Dansby Swanson help the Braves end their losing streak against the Rockies!

Slowly the Braves are showing their fans signs of thing to come in Atlanta. Sean Newcomb pitched a great game against the Colorado Rockies last night and was able to show why the Braves coaches and managers why they think so highly of their rising staandr pitcher. The Atlanta Braves are in a rebuilding process and that may not sit well with some of their fan base who want to win and compete for the playoffs every year and want results now. Dansby Swanson is a great example of how impatient Braves fans can be and the pressures put on their young shortstop.

Major league pitchers have sort of figured out how to pitch Dansby and fans can quickly forget that he is only a rookie. Swanson has shown signs of greatness late last season and in 2017 but rather than competing for Rookie of the Year honors, Swanson is just fighting to keep his starting position at the major league level. Last night Swanson drove in a pair of RBIs early in the game and he reminded Braves fans including me why he is the Braves top prospect. The emergence of Johan Camargo helped to make it easier for the Braves organization to send Swanson back down to the minor leagues to play everyday and get more coaching on making adjustments at the major league level. When Johan Camargo went down with a leg injury last week, the Braves called Dansby Swanson back to Atlanta.

The Braves have key offensive players on their roster like Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, and Matt Kemp but injuries have taken their toll on the Braves lineup this season and the rookie players are getting their shot in Atlanta earlier than expected. Braves manager Brian Snitker is doing a fine job getting his young players the opportunity to start and play in major league games and last night was a great example. The Braves used their younger and faster players like Lane Adams in center field who came around and scored from first base on Dansby Swanson’s double in the second inning. Lane Adams has pinched hit several times this season and watching him run the bases is quite extraordinary. 

Sean Newcomb gave up an early homerun last night but he was able to put that out of his mind and pick up his second win of the season. Let’s not forget that the Braves coaching staff was so impressed with Sean Newcomb they were able to release Bartolo Colon from their starting pitching staff. The Braves will probably not enjoy post season play in 2017 but watching their young talent emerge in Atlanta is very exciting. Last night Jose Ramirez and Arodys Vizcaino helped close out the game for the Braves and Vizcaino is showing Atlanta their closer of the future. Just be patient Braves fans, the process of rebuilding is in place and last night’s win is just a hint of things to come. Mike Foltynewicz will pitch in tonight’s game as he looks to rebound from his last start in St. Louis. GO BRAVES!!!!!


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