Attention Braves fans, chill out! Literally.

It was nice to watch a Saturday afternoon game. There is no point in lying, afternoon games are a little easier on the eyes. Sure players are equipped with the last technology in eye wear. However for those of us watching at home the temperature on the field at game time has very little if any affect on us. Although the pleasure of watching a live game at SunTrust Park hasn’t happened for me yet, it’s nice watching the Braves playing so well for a change. They are only 1.5 games back in the National League East. However judging from a lot of noise on social media one might think the Braves are hopelessly lost in a whirlpool with no help in sight. The Arizona Diamondbacks have now won the series with the Braves despite who wins tomorrow’s afternoon game.

Sean Newcomb had been struggling over his last couple of outings, but this afternoon he might have temporarily silenced his critics. Newcomb had trouble throwing strikes in the first inning and loaded the bases. Before anyone slaps their knees and throw up their arms in disgust remember how excited a lot of fans were when Newcomb came to the majors not very long ago. There was now a reason to get excited with the Braves starting pitching lineup. The Braves already had veteran Julio Teheran leading the way. Mike Foltynewicz was starting to come around despite his emotions on the field and body language. Newcomb was a South Paw pitcher the Braves were looking for. Fast forward for a minute, how can a player go from savior to goat so quickly? Could it be the attitude of baseball fans in general? If it is all or nothing you are looking for, please enjoy the upcoming football seasons.

The Braves are doing fine. They are in the middle of a division race just like every other team playing well in MLB. Trust me, it’s not harder in Atlanta because you follow them more than any other team in baseball. We have all purchased the hats, banners, and novelties. There are at least 4 things on my writing desk that celebrate my love and loyalty for the Braves. That is not even close to,the amount of things on other desks I have seen. The Braves were facing Zack Greinke who has already won 10 games this season. The relief pitching for the Diamondbacks is not only good, but very good. The Braves are a very good team also and hopefully we can all remember that. Do you know how truly blessed we are in Atlanta having 4 players going to the All Star Game in Washington? Remember last year when the Braves only sent 1? The All Star rules says each team has to send 1 player. How many General Managers have the luxury of seeing names like Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, Ozzie Albies, and Mike Foltynewicz on their flight agendas for Washington to play in a game invented for children but played by men? Think about that before you ask yourself why am I a Braves fan? Because we love our team and love them like family. GO BRAVES!!!


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