The All Star break is upon us all, now what?

Yesterday’s afternoon game was fun watching! It could of been for many reasons, just take a pick. Timely hitting, great pitching, or the excitement of the crowd, when asking the question of now what, it’s not an open challenge to a fight. My fighting days are long past me, and I’ve won a few, lost only 1 that I remember. Not to sound tough, but it is what it is. Will the Braves front office pursue offers from other teams in the MLB? Maybe, but that’s not up to me. I’ll just write thank you very much. The Braves General Manager Alex Anthopolis will listen to a lot of other team’s offers but in the end it’s still not up to me. Braves manager Brian Snitker will be involved as well as other members of the Braves front office.

The remaining Braves All Star flew out to Washington last night after the game. You could hear the excitement of several of the Braves players about their upcoming mini vacation. It didn’t seem to matter if they are playing in the All Star Game or not. Time with your family seems like the most Important things, as well as it should be. Tonight’s Home Run Derby will be very entertaining. Especially since Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper are facing off in the first round. Sure Freeman might get more boos in Washington than he deserves, but before anyone wants to act offended by this remember the greetings Bryce Harper receives in Atlanta?

Can the Braves use another big bat in the lineup or starting pitcher in the bullpen? Sure why not? But at what price? The Braves are not going to trade away the farm to get one of the many players on the trade market before the July 31st deadline, probably. The Braves are only a half game behind the division leading Philadelphia Phillies. But watch out, the National League East is loaded with several good teams. The Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins are both playing excellent baseball. Beware of the New York Mets too, never count them out. After the All Star Break is over, the Division games will be even more important. The Nationals and the Marlins will be in Atlanta. Will the Braves separate themselves from all other teams in the National League East? Will Freddie Freeman continue his potential National League Most Valuable Player award with his teammates Nick Markakis and Ozzie Albies also in contention? Who really knows, again that’s not up to me. GO BRAVES!!!


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