The All Star Break has been exciting. However, it’s time to start writing about the Braves!

When the All Star Break began on Sunday, it was onlay going to be a 3 day break for many Atlanta Braves players and their fans. Freddie r, Nick, Markakis, Ozzie Albies, and Mike Foltynewicz were an accepting. Nick Markakis attended his first All Start game, and despite being in baseball for 12 seasons, he finally earned his walk down the Red Carpet inWashingtons ballpark. Yes there were many names, and familiar face , but this was the first for Braves shortstop Ozzie Albies. There are many different types of excitement, the party like atmosphere, the champagne bottle caps bustling, and seeing the same talented player you might have grown up with as teammates.

Nick Markakis was a new face to the scene of younger generations. He has aged well, but with age comes just being an old version of the man you once were. Nick Markakis had big smiles for his fans and family, but you could see that time waits for no man. Stretched skin, laugh lines, and sunburns are not special for baseball players, but some hide their age better than others. It hard to be able to tell the ages of certain people when you look at their faces and bodies alone. Cosmetic surgery has come a long way in the science community, but seriously it’s going to happen. You will grow older, gets wrinkles and your hair might turn gray or fall out.

Growing up in Northern California, there was no lack of beautiful women. They are everywhere. If you dare, take a walk on the shores of any California beach. Beauty is not skin deep, everyone is beautiful. Women and men. You can spend your wealth trying to stay younger, or maintain your youthful look. This should never come as a shock., but everyone will grow old. It’s not like it’s a depressing statement or cheap clique you will die.

Sorry to sound like a bummer, but there has never been a physical body that has lasted forever. At least if there is, I am unaware. We are talking about a physical thing you can actually touch. Hopefully you don’t need a picture of children playing with Play Doh as hard evidence. If you do, why? I’m not trying to start a group discussion on race, gender, or who is better than another person. Trust me on this, it’s been all over social media over who can insult who better. I’m certainly not immune to this. Before taking a break from trying to prove I was quick with rhymes, therefore I won ! What exactly? Nothing. My age and body is starting to show, and although I’d like to type 80 Words Per Minute,personality I can’t.

My age and health are definitely showing tonight. Like Nick Markakis, the younger generations youth is almost something to flaunt. I can’t type right now with both hands. I,often misspell words and I need to type with only 1 finger now. Am I an old man? Yes, but please define your definition of old. What makes my age, looks, or personality old? That’s a unique one. Without trying to have yet another argument over who is better than who and why, it’s okay to let others win.

The human body needs both salt and sugar it’s blood in order to survive. Some need more sugar than salt and vice versa. I can act young all I want. Challenging others to dance, rapping, or other battles might make me feel,good for a time. Without sounding like a philosopher, I’m done with tonight’s antiques. Staying awake all night is not my thing lately. It used to be. There was a time when the world was and is my oyster. Personally

I think oysters are nasty, but to each his own. I love baseball, salty chips, and sweet drinks. That used to be my opening line when I met someone new. Giving a list of things I loved. Man, look at how many things I loved. . I’m . I must be awesome and better than you. Heaving my own faults and flaws, doesn’t make me more unique. Nick Markakis making the All Star Team doesn’t either. Enough already! You win!


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