Game 1 with the Dodgers did not go quite as planned for the Braves.

When the series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves began on Thursday night in Atlanta, it would be a good test to see how far the Braves might go into the postseason. Assuming the Braves do go to the post season, playing other teams that might be going to extend their season in 2018 would be a good test. The trade deadline is looming and will end at Tuesday evening. The Braves are a very good team with the potential of post season dreams, but last night showed although the talent is there in Atlanta costly errors can change the dynamic of any game.

The game was very close for 4 innings with both teams not scoring a single run. Then in the top of the 5th inning, the bottom started falling out. It was a throwing error that gave the Dodgers the first run of the game. It was a little embarrassing listening and watching the game last night. Then the questions started popping up in my head. Would another big bat in the lineup help the Braves? Is bullpen help desperately needed? Can this team go on a winning streak and reclaim control on the National League East? The answer to all three questions is yes. Personally hitting the panic button in Atlanta might be a bit premature, but no matter who if anyone the Braves might bring in to their lineup, if your team makes careless throwing errors it will not matter. Base running errors can feel like a knife stabbing also. It’s very easy to watch the game in my room and scream at the television about what the runners should of done. Also making throwing errors is easy for me to criticize. Being 45 years old. It seems like my experience might benefit the team. Simmer down Matt I say to myself. It’s only a game, and I do not scream and yell at my son when he makes a mistake. Why is baseball different, and why do my emotions boil up over a game?

Anibal Sanchez pitched a very good game last night, but he was on the mound when the errors started to occur. Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acura Jr. did sell on the offensive side, but when the errors started in the 5th inning, before you knew it the Braves were down 6-0, Watching the errors compile one after another was enough to make you shake your head and question why is this happening in the first game of the series? Does this set the stage for the remaining games left in the series? It can, but baseball players and coaches have all experienced similar tragedies. Okay, maybe using the word tragedy is a bit extreme, but to a lot of fans this might seem like there could be even worse words to describe the state of the Braves. General Manager Alex Anthopoulos could bring in the biggest names on the free agent market, but realistically he will not. Sure the Braves will probably bring in a couple of pieces to complete the Braves playoff puzzle. Honestly if the big names in Atlanta can not make simple throws across the field, it will not matter. So let’s reorganize our thoughts in Atlanta, and recognize that one game will not define your season or the team’s potential . No one on earth is perfect, but we can all forgive and look forward to better days again. It’s going to be an exciting Friday night in Atlanta. The Braves might celebrate with a huge win. Let’s all enjoy the game tonight, and hope for a better tomorrow. GO BRAVES!!!


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