Trying to remain optimistic in a such a negative environment is challenging, but all is not lost for the Braves final game with the Dodgers this afternoon.

When I first started to,gather my thoughts for writing this article, it would of been very easy to say something with a negative thought and feelings. During the last three games with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Braves have been out scored 17-4. That’s pretty sad to realize if you are a Braves fan. How pathetic and what a good old fashioned butt whipping. The closest thing the Braves fans had to celebrate was it the bottom of the 7th inning when Johan Camargo blasted a Home Run to left field. Johan did a bat flip and watched the ball stay fair as it left SunTrust Park’. The Dodgers would have their revenge later in the game and ended up stomping the Braves 6-1.

The jolt when Johan Camargo crushed that ball in the 7th inning, would have given even the least pessimistic fan a chance to smile. The Braves have had a history of rallying for late innings victories this season. Brian Stinker:s team has exceeded expectations this year., and even with last nights loss the Braves are only 2.5 games behind the National League East first place team the Philadelphia Phillies. The Washington Nationals are slowly closing in, but there post season dreams might be only that, dreams.

Listening to the Braves announcers last Chip Carey andJoe Simpson , it was hard to keep the feeling of hope alive. They are both huge Braves fans without a doubt, but if I had to hear one more comment about how horrible July has been for the Braves, or that Chipper Jones was headed to the Baseball of Fame on Sunday, the little hair I have left on my head so I’ll be pulled out by the roots. Chipper Jones is definitely a Hall of Fame player, and one of the most popular Braves players in the Atlanta Braves history. But since he will give his Baseball Hall of Fame speech later today, no doubt Braves fans might have a hard tine choosing to watch his speech or todays game at 1:30 est. it’s a no brained for me, I,will no doubt listen to today’s highlights of the speeches made. I’d much rather watch the Braves game as the Braves try to zin the final game of the season when Sean Newcomb tries to pitch against Ross Stripling of the Dodgers. The Braves might give the Braves fan an offensive explosion. It’s just all comes down to karma and how the baseball Gods are feeling today. GO BRAVES!!!


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