The Braves game started off as a two step, but ended in a dancing joy!

Last night watching the Atlanta Braves game and seeing pitcher Julio Teheran give up a 2 run home run, admittedly my smile disappeared quickly. I had high hopes for this game and I was certain the Braves would just dominate every aspect. When Julio Teheran gave up a first inning walk, I was saying to myself that’s no big deal. Then later in the inning Brian Anderson crushed a home run for the Miami Marlins. Luckily I didn’t just give up on the game and turn on a movie instead. The 2 runs in the first inning would be only damage the Marlins would do until later in the game. Julio Teheran allowed a total of 3 earned runs in the game, but he also drove in a run and more importantly picked up the Win for his team.

The Braves offense would start clicking again last night. Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acura Jr. would each hit home runs. The bats were connecting with the baseball for the Braves as several players would get key hits.and shake off a bit of rust. The Miami Marlins are a good team, and there is no point in arguing that statement. This is the time of year when most Major League Baseball teams are dealing with injuries. Don Mattingly is an excellent coach, and the Marlins are definitely a team on the upswing. Their injuries are having Mattingly shuffle around the Marlins lineup almost on a daily basis. The Braves are not immune to the injury bug and players normally in the rotation or the bullpen are instead on the injured list. Look no further than reliever Sam Freeman if you are needing an example.

The Braves are only a half a game out of first base. The Philadelphia Phillies lost last nights game to the Boston Red Soxs. It is possible for the Braves to reclaim first place in the National League East today. However a couple of things would need to happen. The Braves would need to win tonight and the Phillies would have to lose. Never assume anything in baseball . The Braves are in a very good position right now and hopefully they can ride this momentum for the remainder of the season. The Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos will be busy on the phone today as the trading deadline expires today. Last night as a lot of Braves fans slept, a trade was made with the Cincinnati Reds for Adam Duval who will be in the Braves lineup today. The Braves traded away Lucas Sims. Matt Wisler, and Preston Tucker to get Duval who is a hot hitting outfielder. The Braves can use Duval in a variety of ways. They can use Duval to give outfielders Ronald Acuna Jr, Ender Inciarte, and Nick Markakis much deserved days off in the next couple of months left in the regular season. Also Adam Duval is a huge bench player who can play as a designated hitter in key situations. The future is looking very bright in Atlanta. It will be interesting to see if Alex Anthopoulos works his magic again today. Never assume anything in baseball. GO BRAVES!!!


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