The new pitcher Allard pitched a great first game and even got his first hit in the majors!

I was almost positive that last night’s game ouldnot b3 played’

. It was pouring down rain all over Atlanta. Of course Attis a huge city if you’ve never been. It could be pouring buckets of rain in Fulton county., but cloudy with no rain in Cobb county. If you ever get the chance to visit Atlanta, you will not be disappointed. It’s the biggest city in the South although some may argue notched best. I love Atlanta, and I would move there in a heartbeat. Turns out living in the country is more my speed. Visits to Atlanta happen every year for me. It could be a car show, visiting family, or any excuse to experience big city living. The closet StarBucks coffee for me where I live is at least a 30minute drive, depending on who is driving. It was driving down rain at the first pitch last night, and errors were happening for both ball clubs. The Atlanta Braves and the Miami Marlins almost looked liked the we’re doing a silent movie with all the drops and slippery conditions. Kolby Allard got his rookie start last night, and nothing would diminish his first major league pitching performance. Allard is now the st active player in the majors, he is only 20 years old.

Kolby Allard must of had so much adrenaline pumping through his veins last night, that he could of pitched on the surface of the sun and not felt the heat. He was soaked instead. Watching both teams play in pouring down rain was fun to watch. Inside my clean and dry room. I had to laugh to myself. SunTrust Park was sold out, but the weather kept most fans away. Watching a game live in the stands must of been miserable for most, but a few thousand would stay, and they were treated to an exciting game full of offense and memories. The television was on mute most of the night for me as I was researching possibly returning to college to finish up my Bachelor’s degree in English. The volume was turned up a few times to sense the excitement of the crowd and the enthusiasm.

Ronald Acuna Jr. got my blood pumping in the first inning with his towering left field home run. Acuna is climbing the charts as my 2nd favorite Braves player right now. Dansby Swanson better keep checking over his right shoulder if he wants to keep my loyalty. That is almost comical to write since no active player on the Braves will surpass Freddie Freeman this season as my favorite player on the Braves lineup. Freeman’s Jersey is only 2 jerseys I even own, the other being Jerry Rice. That should show in what high regard I hold Freeman. He also enjoyed a productive day at the plate. Last night belonged to Allard, Acuna, and Ender Inciarte in my box scores. A lot of Braves fan might have forgotten how good of a player Ender Inciarte is in the second half of the season. When speaking with Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos about trading for another outfielder to help bolster the Braves lineup, Inciarte told his GM all I’m focused on is making it to the playoffs. How unselfish of Inciarte to say that as Anthopoulos was working out a trade with Cincinnati for OF Adam Duvall. Inciarte showed how humble he is with hitting for 4 hits last night. The Braves playoff push is in full swing now as the team looks to sweep the series with the Marlins tonight in Atlanta. The Braves are still a half of a game back on the National East leading Philadelphia Phillies. That could change today. Keeping the focus on each game is still the Braves Manager Brian Snitcher’s job. It looks like his players are in agreement. GO BRAVES!!!


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