Sanchez pitches a brilliant game in New York, and the Braves capture their 5th win into a row!

Friday nights are supposedly one of the best nights of the week. When are fortunate enough to have a Monday through Friday job with weekends off,l Friday nights can be the path way to an exciting weekend. For those of us like myself who worked retail for years and years, I wasn’t blessed with this schedule. Mine was more like work all weekend and enjoy being off on Mondays and Tuesdays. Luckily now that I have the pleasure of a schedule that allows weekends off, accept for writing sports articles. Watching the Braves games on my high definition television are something I worked very hard towards. Watching the Atlanta Braves defeat the New York Mets last night in a very close game, I get the same adrenaline rush as a night out at a karaoke bar. TheBraes won by only 1 run, but it was his remarkable pitching performances. Last nights game was yet another example unfortunately for deGrom. Luckily I’m a Braves fan and my symphony for the Mets or deGrom does not flow very deep.

Last that pain nights victory should have signified yet another stellar win for the Braves. It did just that. Winning 5 games in a row is no easy task. Losing 5 is easier but luckily the fans of the Braves have rarely felt in the 2018 season. Brian Snitker has his baseball team focused without the pressures of being a hard manager to get along with. The Braves players and staff love having Snitker as their manager, so it seems. Johan Camargo hit the only home run last night for either ball club. 2 key doubles be Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies were all the offense the Braves needed last night in New York.

There were sporadic hits hits for the Braves lineup although they were unable to score runs, it did not matter last night. Personally I’d rather watch a close game like last night with few runs being scored by either team. I find it much more entertaining than watching a high scoring slug fest, although they can be fun. The Braves unfortunately did not gain any ground in the National League East. The division leading Philadelphia Phillies also won again last night. I’ve made this statement too many times this year, but so be it. Man it feels good to be a Braves fan! GO BRAVES!!!


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