The Nationals surge to a game 1 victory in the doubleheader on Monday.

If either the Atlanta Braves or the Washington Nationals thought the doubleheader on Monday was going to be a nice relaxing short series with their division rivals they were instead greeted with a hot and muggy first game at 1pm. In case you were unaware Washington DC was built on to of aSwamp. Sure by looking at today’s pictures of the White House, Pentagon, and other features of our nation’s capital you might have forgotten. Yes our capital city in the United States was built on a swamp. The temperature for game time in Washington was over 100 degrees at first pitch and the field was a burning field that I’m glad I wasn’t standing on. I live in South Carolina and my State wasn’t that hot. Ironic that a Southern State was more comfortable temperature wise than a city to they North. The Braves jumped out to an early lead and the Braves pitcher Max Fried was hit by a hardline drive off the bat of a National’s player. It was not intentional at all, but that’s the game of baseball. Stick around and watch every inning of every game and you’re bound to learn or see something new.

When I tell my family and friends that I like football, basketball, or soccer but I love baseball, I’m usually greeted with an eye roll or my least favorite quote, BASEBALL IS SO BRING,! No my friend, Baseball is not boring, you are. I have many friends who love baseball and are so in tune to every single pitch and analytics is starts to become an unhealthy obsession. When you break it down to the very basics, baseball is only a game. Some of us are blessed with athletic talent, and other ones write about a sport which we can not physically play. The moment I forget that baseball is only a game and no longer fun, I’ll stop writing. In the meantime I can realize that every game can and is a roller coaster ride and unexpected things happen. Max Fried was not expecting a hard hit ball to hit him yesterday or that he would pull a hamstring trying to dodge out of the way, but that my friends is baseball.

The Braves did enjoy an early lead in yesterday’s afternoon game, but then the Nationals proved why they are one of the hottest team.s since that All Star Break. Even Bryce Harper who seemed to be having a down year has definitely loosened up since winning the Home Run hitting contest last month. No matter what I may feel about him personally, Harper is one of the best players in baseball. His numbers back that statement up, but I can’t forget the Braves have had their share of arrogant and Vicky players as well. One of my least favorite Braves players was even inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, but I’m not saying who. Most baseball fans know who I’m referring to, but this is not the time or place for that argument. The Nationals put on an offensive explosion in game 1 of the doubleheader. Watch out Braves fans, the Nationals are in no way out of the division race in the National League East. One of the worst things I have ever done is assuming I know which team will win based on my assumptions. A little known fact, I missed the Sid Bream slide when the Braves won their series against the San Francisco Giants. It’s a night I’ll never forget, I was too arrogant and I assumed too much. That is the moment I decided to write about baseball. Never assume anything like teams being out of the running in a division race, and the most unlikely events cap an unfold before our eyes. Instead of witnessing the Sid Bream slide, I was out in a college party taking shots of lemon flavored vodke. I still hate the smell of lemon flavors, and now you know why. Never assume you know more about baseball than the baseball kGods, land never assume the division race is down to 2 teams in the National League East. As The poet wrote do not go gently into that good night, rage against the dying of the light. Now it’s on to game 2. GO BRAVES!!!


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