3  Braves enjoy home runs as Ronald Acuna Jr. steals the show in a long list of game MVPs.

For the final game with t he Washington Nationals in. this 4 gamers series,  it was difficult Ty o name o e Braves player that stoo d out from rtf he rest. If you only games by Box Score numbers, certainly Tyler Flowers  is with his 4 hits as.a solid choice. Mike Foltynewicz picked up the wIn with his performance. Then we have Freddie who is proving he is the biggest Nationals problem but Charlie Culbersome may . Easily my choice for last night‘s MVP for the Atlanta Braves was Ronald Acuna Jr. Besides his performance at the plate, he took away a homerun from former Braves star Matt Adams. Acuna timed his jump perfectly and robbed Adams,of his potential homerun. Acuna is making his argument why he should be the Braves everyday outfielder even taking the position away from  Golden Glove winner Ender Inciatre. No worries Inciatre you will still keep playing and Braves manager Brian Snitker will work you into the lineup somewhere.

Mike Foltynewicz pitched a great game last night. He pitched his way out of a bases loaded jam in the first inning and was pretty much on cruise until Brian Snitker used the Braves dominating bullpen. Foltynewicz pitch count was over 100 pitches but the competitor Foltynewicz is was not quite ready to come out of the game. I know I breathed a big sigh of relief when Brian Snitker motioned to the Braves bullpen for a right hander. Foltynewicz is a great competitor but he is stubborn and he advice of our coaches, managers, and friends like me. I keep trying to find a girlfriend online, but it hasn’t worked in o over 15 years, so why would another one be any different? Here’s a laugh at myself, I’m one stubborn Irish S.O.B. Sometimes in life we need to be humble enough to listen and take the advise of people who see things from a different angle. 

The Atlanta Braves are heading to the postseason this year.. Maybe that is too  bold of a statement, but I truly believe in that statement. After watching the Braves march into Washington and handle the Nationals the way they did, watch out in the National League, the Braces are on a rampage. The Braves are playing red hot right now. They will wrap up their series with the Washington Nationals this afternoon. After today’s game in Washington, the, Braves head home with a weekend series with the Milwaukee Brewers. If all goes with the Nationals maybe the Braves can take in position of time for 1st  place in the National League East. GO BRAVES!!


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