The Braves game was on Facebook streaming live yesterday afternoon, yeah let’s NEVER do that again!

  1. Most of my friends who are Braves fans did not even know gym there was a 5th and final game with the Nationals yesterday afternoon. If this some weird form of marketing please ask a Braves fan and writer, let’s NEVER do that again. If th e Atlanta Braves or Washington Nationals are trying to g r ow t his r Damon bases with some unique marketing and  live streaming, iit was an epic fail. There is a generation gap between older and younger fans without a doubt but who ever had this idea, you’re fired. Now I sound like a horrible remake of a horseshoe staring Preident Donald Trump. It, failed then and once you make baseball fans upset, sometimes there are no 2nd chances
  2. .The Nationals did win yesterday’s game, 6-3..  The standings in the National League East are a tight race between the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, and now throwing the Washington Nationals. There is still a lot of baseball games Tom be played. Yesterday Braves starting Anibal Sanchez left early in yesterday’s game, and  you remember Max Fried left early in the game of the Nationals only win earlier in the series. The Braves are in a very good position with still plenty of games left to be played. The Braves are back in Atlanta and will host the Milwaukee Brewers for a,weekend series. It’s going to be Friday Night fireworks in Atlanta tonight. Hopefully the Braves babats can get the show started early! GO BRAVES!!!

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