The Braves are back in first place in the National League East, and all is right with the world!

Last night reached both highs and lows for me. Without going into my personal life I was very concerned over my Rose. She is my girlfriend/fiancé which ever title fits your needs. Last night when Tony Gausman pitched a brilliant game in Atlanta, Braves fans were given a glimpse of the genius of our General Manager Alex Antopolous. While General Managers have very difficult jobs already Anthopolous was busy making trades for Gausman and Adam Duvall. A power bat and an equally power pitcher. Gausman helps solidify the Braves starting rotation which should take the Atlanta Braves deep into the post season of 2018 and beyond. Sure some difficult decisions will have to be made during The offseason but I have full confidence in Alex. He’s just as good as a General Manager as any others in Major League Baseball. I think for those of us who watch the MLBNetwork obsessively, there seems to me as if there is a short prejudice to the American League. It’s just subtle hints but I do think the focus of America League pendant races are given more air time than the National League pendant races, but if that is my biggest problem in life, I have zero problems.

The Braves offense is clicking right now and last night’s game was a great example. The Braves started dominating the Milwaukee Brewers. The final score last night was 10-1 and please Braves obsessed fans don’t let that one run score get your blood boiling. As a Sportswriter I’m amazed how many die hard fans the Braves have all over the world. I get messages from Canada, Mexico, and European countries that love to pick out my writing short comings, which are too many I’m sure, but I often write as my own editor. The diehard fans will argue 1 run allowed is too many, but referring to my previous statement if that is your biggest problem, you realistically have zero problems,

Nick Markakis is on a role and why there is not more chatter as him as the National League MVP is still a mystery to me. Markakis leads the league in doubles and him and teammate Freddie Freeman keep trading positions in the league hit leaders. Freeman did drive in an RBI last night, but Markakis and Johan Camargo where the main attractions in my box scores, yes I do take box scored during the game. One of the biggest differences I see in this team compared to the other 90s Braves teams is just how much fun the 2018 Braves are having. Braves Manager Brian Snitker is a fantastic Manager and hopefully he will sign a contract extension this offseason, but I’ll leave that to Alex Anthopoulos. There is a picture circulating around social media of Johan Camargo blowing a bubble hole he was hitting. It’s hilarious and if I really could sum up the 2018 Braves team with a pictures would be that one. The Braves continue their series with the Brewers tonight at 7:10 pm and Julio Teheran will be on the mound. If my older generation Braves fans argue that Camargo chewing gum shows his maturity level, realistically you have zero problems. GO BRAVES!!!


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