Great game on a lovely Sunday afternoon at SunTrust Park!

Yesterday’s game had a bit of everything. Heroes and villains, ups and dons, key hits, and most importantly fun. Watching the Atlanta Braves in their dugout reminded me of my youth at 9. We came to play baseball for the fun of it, and I happened to be on a good team that season. Sure there were other seasons in my Little League career where our team was laughed at. I remember crying crocodile tears after our team was given a beat down. It’s only a game but when you are 7 or 8 it was beyond embarrassing. We were all neighborhood boys and one of our neighbors was out head coach. The team I saw last night was bouncing around as if the floor of the Braves dugout wasn’t concrete but a mini trampoline.

Sean Newcomb pitched yesterday game. He was not the usual dominating pitcher who could stare down the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers seemed to be having an equally good time in their dugout. The Braves and the Brewers kept changing the scores on the Scoreboard that it was like a carnival ride! First the Braves had a lead, the the Brewers would bounce back and silence the crowd at SunTrust Park. My personal hero last night could of been Freddie Freeman or Nick Markakis. They are becoming the dynamic duo in the National League. No the hero in yesterday was Dansby Swanson’. There is a reason his picture is hanging on my wall, a gift from my sister. Once the baseball season is over Dansby Swanson’s jersey will be mine.

I’m q bargain hunter and I personally own 3 Braves jerseys and T-shirts Freeman and Ronald Acuna Jr. 2 more are on their way and that will conclude my Braves memorable shopping for 2018. Unless of course the Braves win the pendant or better yet the World Series. A guy can dream can’t he? That’s one dream the I hope becomes a reality. The 2018 Braves are 1 percentage point in front of the Philadelphia Phillies. That gives me or any Braves fan a reason to celebrate! The Braves will play a doubleheader with the Miami Marlins starting today at 1:35pm at SunTrust Park. Mike Foltynewicz will be pitching in game 2 of the series tonight. The Braves will start former first round pick Touki Toussaint will start game 1. But to be fair Toussaint is not the “official ” starter in the afternoon game. Most people know it will be him starting today’s game and even Braves Manager Brian Snitker was all s,lies in yesterday post game interview on Fox Sports. Why there has to be so much red tape in baseball is beyond me. I have the easy part. Trying to put into words the emotions on the baseball field in Atlanta. That one word ids FUN! GO BRAVES!!!


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