What is more incredible? Ronald Acuña Jr. at the plate, or me finally learning to use the proper accent over the ñ?

This is my attempt at humor, of course Ronald Acuña Jr. is way more impressive at the plate than my learning to do things most 5 year olds can already do. I’m a slow learner and I have to be shown how to do things. Now I know, so it’s a win/win for me and my readers. Ronald Acuña keeps breaking his own records, and even the MLBNetwork is starting to realize his amazing accomplishments. It is a lot of fun watching his totals continue to climb and the fact that there is even an argument on who should be the Rookie of the Year is pretty shocking to me. All I do is follow the Atlanta Braves and their wonderful season, and I often do not get to see that their other players in the running is a mystery to me. That’s why I start my mornings with a cup of coffee and watching the MLBNetwork for my daily news. Personally for me it is a much needed relief from social media and the politics of today.

In case you do not follow baseball or the Braves, the Braves are having a remarkable 2018 season. They are now leading the National League East. They have a 2 game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies. The Washington Nationals are still in the hunt for the NL East title, but their chances are sinking like a lead boot. That may sound cruel, but when that Nationals kept winning the National League East, their description of the struggling Braves franchise was far less impressive. The Braves and Acuña are on a rollercoaster ride that only seems to be going up. Eventually the ride has to come down, but it doesn’t make the ride less enjoyable.

Last night’s game was another exciting display of baseball. The Miami Marlins and the Braves kept exchanging leads in the game, and no lead was safe at SunTrust Park. The home runs kept leaving the ballpark last night for both teams. If you enjoy watching baseball games with plenty of offense than this series with the Marlins is right up your alley. Acuña had 2 home runs last night, Freddie Freeman added to his impressive NL MVP resume, and Charlie Culberson hit the 2nd pitch of the game into the bleachers. I love my job of writing on the Braves and their 2018 season. The hardest part of my job (which isn’t a real job) is selecting which headline to follow. Ronald Acuña Jr. was an easy choice today, and my only regret is that I do not write more articles about this 2018 Braves team. That’s regret, but a funny regret like my inability to put the accent on Acuña. GO BRAVES!!!


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