Last night’s cowardly act is everything I hate about baseball.

Last night watching the game between the Atlanta Braves and the Miami Marlins definitely did not turn out to be what I and many fans of baseball were hoping to see. When Jose Ureña of the Marlins intentionally threw at Ronald Acuña Jr. I was outraged. For most of the Braves games I have the volume on mute and just watch the game while listening to music on my iPad 3 from my writing desk chairs “that’s just how you play the game of baseball!”

Excuse me but what? You play a game for fun and friendship. Not to hold some personal grudge against another player the has been brewing for years. What is the fact the Braves were on the verge of winning all 4 games at SunTrust. park? Was Ureña slightly jealous of all the media hype over Acuña has been getting the last couple of games? Was this a bitter feud between the two players growing up? Was it sending the Braves a message? The answer to all the questions can only be answered by Jose Ureña. I am no Sherlock Holmes hoping to solve a mystery and start a chain reaction in baseball, but the odds are that yes Jose Ureña was looking to hurt Acuña bad and Ureña has a history of throwing at baseball players. I am no baseball commissioner. But it will be interesting to see what type of suspension MLB hands down to Jose Ureña. All of the commentators calling for swift and just action is the biggest reason my television is on mute during most Braves games.

Throwing a fastball at another player is down right sickening. Ronald Acuña Jr. is trying to make his case to be in the running for the National League Rookie of the Year. How anyone can deliberately throw a fastball at another player and then scream to others as if he is wanting to fight just sucks. Yes I could probably use a more politically correct term, but if anyone reading this knows me personally, I’m not a politically correct person. I don’t mean to offend but if anyone ever hit me with a 97 MPH fastball, he’d better pray to the baseball Gods I can not stand up and face him like a man. Yes there would be punches thrown and in all likelihood I would get my ass kicked. Sometimes you have to stand your own ground and this would not be the first ass kicking I’ve ever received.

Back to my original point of people and commentators saying this is baseball and it’s the way it should be played. F you! That ignorant statement is an emotional reaction, and I know I have had many of those in my days. I have a 22 year old son. He has become quite a man, and I am very much against using physical force to discipline. It was never my intention to raise a wimp or sissy child, but using spankings to try and teach a child right from wrong never has made sense to me. Maybe it was all my spankings as a child because I was quite the smart ass in my days growing up. I always found a line to cross growing up and I stepped over it many times. I did not have abusive parents at all. My dad did teach me to stand up for myself, but as ironic as it may seem I hate violence in any form. I do not enjoy street fights or even controlled fights like in Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestling is fine, it’s more staged. Sure bad things can happen insides the squared circle (ironic name there) but mostly wrestling is fun but lately the storylines annoy me.

It is not my intention to take a hard and firm side on what happened last night. But on the other hand I will not throw a 97 MPH fastball at your elbow if you disagree with me either. Just a brief summary of last night’s goatee. The Braves did sweep the Marlins series. Dansby Swanson drove in 3 runs last night as a new hero had to step,up last night. Swanson was just the man to do it. The Braves still hold a 2 game lead in the National League East over the Philadelphia Phillies. Now the Braves welcome the Colorado Rockies to SunTrust Park tonight to begin their series. In my final analysis of last night’s game, if you’re going to,play baseball as a career don’t be a jerk. There are plenty of bullies in other lines of work. Go join that circus GO BRAVES!!!


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