The Braves lose a heartbreaker in the very last inning. That was hard to watch, but excuse me. When was the last time you were perfect?

Last night’s game at SunTrust Park in Atlanta was very exciting. The Braves rallied from behind against the Colorado Rockies. Dansby Swanson hit a double to tie the game at 2-2. Swanson later scored the go around on a base hit in that same inning. Swanson was the hero of the night! Then the top of the 9th inning came along. The Braves relief pitching which has been pretty solid the last couple of weeks allowed the Rockies to score 3 runs. Two walks and an error from Swanson (which I think was a b.s. finer pointing) lead to the Braves loss. Who is to blame? Swanson? Brian Snitker? The Braves relievers? How about stop expecting perfection?

That is why I watch the Braves games on mute. There was plenty of blame to go around. Seriously? Shut Up! Sometimes I wish there was a volume lower than mute. I love the Atlanta Braves. Our commentators can go suck something. I guess there was must be some Braves fans that enjoy there comments and attempts at humor. Again where is the mute button? It was despicable hearing the blame game. Get off your high horses and make your lives perfect. The Braves will not win every single game, even during the last 6 weeks of the 2018 season. Who remembers this time last year? A lot of Braves fans were crying bloody murder and wanting a major overhaul. Chill out!

Emotional fans and people should never be given authority. I think instead of racially profiling or sexual discrimination there can be a mental screens for management. If you are too emotional in your decision making, please have a seat. That is your personality you were born with and it’s impossible to my final break down if you were an asshole growing up, you will always be an asshole who tries to bully others. I’m sorry that the Braves lost last night, and before you climb up on your soap box to make sure your voice is loud and will be heard do us all a favor, SHUT UP! The world revolves around the sun. Believe it or not, the world does not revolve around you. GO BRAVES!!!


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