Maybe it’s time for Braves fan to accept the fact we are good, but not great yet.

Last night’s game with the Colorado Rockies asks the question, are the Atlanta Braves that bad or just unlucky? I think the Braves are very good just unlucky for they first 2 games of this 4 game series with Rockies. You can not dictate innovation, and just because all the statistics back up your thinking, baseball is just a ga me of luck and unpredictability. You can not read into a players mind and know for a fact that he might rush a throw to first base, or if a tricky bounce not might throw off his timing. This is why I love baseball and only like other sports. To me baseball is like a game of chess, the first player to make a mistake will often lose the game.

Sean Newcomb is an excellent pitcher and the Braves are very lucky he is in our pitching rotation. Last night was a bad night for him, but referring back to yesterday’s article he isn’t perfect. Even Greg Maddux (who is the best pitcher I’ve ever seen) lost a few games in his career. I am not arrogant enough to compare Maddux and Newcomb yet, but look me up in a few years. Sean Newcomb lost yesterday’s game and that is a bad news in a race for the National League East . The season does not end tomorrow so Braves fans take a deep breath. Today is a new day if the Braves win tonight and tomorrow they can spilt the series with the Rockies who are playing very good baseball right now.

Tonight’s game will feature Mike Foltynewicz facing Rockies pitcher Antonio Senzatela. If you just look at it on paper Foltynewicz should win tonight’s game. That is little reinsurance coming from me. I just write about baseball, I’m no magician. But I do know there is another element to baseball that no one has figured out. That great unknown fascinates me and keeps me watching every game. After a good talk with a dear friend, I’m evening to stop watching the Braves on mute. Thank you Kari, thank you. GO BRAVES!!!


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