The Braves are very good, but the Rockies are great!

The Colorado Rockies have broken the hearts of Atlanta Braves fans for 3 straight games. Could it be that the Braves bullpen has faded over the last month? That’s a good possibility, but the Rockies are in a heated battle in the National League West. The Colorado Rockies, theArizona Diamondbacks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are all playing their hearts out for the Division crown, and the Braves have a lot of questions to answer if they make it to the National League playoffs. There is a fairly decent chance the Braves are playoff bound. But as any baseball fan can tell ya It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Lady Sings.

If you are excepting me to thrash the Braves for losing last night when they were only 1 strike away from a win, sorry I’m not you’re guy! All lasts night blown saved showed me is who they the Braves should call up when there can expand their roster on August 31st. Plus as a good General Manager eas Alex Anthopoulos is, he might already have a trade in the works for some bullpen relief. The Braves an still make trades before the regular season is over. There are a lot of teams already who have accepted the fact they are not going to the post season. These ball teams have at lot of bullpen relief they are open to part ways with. Luckily that’s not my job. I’ll let Alex Anthopoulos work his magic. Trust me Braves country the Atlanta Braves are not going to just shrug their shoulders and wait for a run in 2019. The fans and ownership want to win now. Brian Snitker is an excellent manager and Alex Anthopoulos is a great G.M.

Just breath a sigh of relief Braves fans. Like the Shaun Mullins songs says, everything is going to be alright, rockabye. I have no insider links to what is going to happen in the next 11 days, but everyone just chill out. Like one of our mascots who races around SunTrust Park, he can run that fast because he can keep his cool. Y’all know who I’m talking about. If you drank too much last night trying to drown your sorrows, I have one question for ya? Are you hung over yet? Just trust the process and have faith in the Braves, their front office, and more importantly have faith in YOURself!!!. The Atlanta Braves are just fine, let’s make our playoff push sober and don’t believe the hype of the Braves yBeers or whatever that disgusting drink they want to sell at SunTrust Park. GO BRAVES!!!


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